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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Lowongan kerja IT ( IT Support)

IT Support Personnel
Needed Urgently

Roles and Opportunities:
1. Supporting staff with any technical issues.
2. Desktop or Client side administration.
3. Some server administration (more on Workgroup Servers)
4. Supporting and managing Printers.
5. Programming and generating report through SQL queries.
6. Opportunity to develop Business Intelligence tools and
strategic reporting.
7. Opportunity to administer advanced Cisco and HP network

Technical Skills:
1. Windows 2003 Server
2. Basic Networking
3. Windows XP
4. Microsoft Office
5. Basic cabling and infrastructure knowledge
6. In depth knowledge of SQL functions and Queries and its
programming applications of any platform.

Generic Skills:
1. Great communication skills and perform activities such as
a. Need to communicate with staff effectively
in appropriate manner.
b. Call outside vendors for any issues
in outside the organization's
IT administration boundary.
c. Ability to document both in generic and technical
terms would be an advantage.
2. Proficiency in English would be advantageous.
3. Troubleshooting skills
4. Passionate about IT and its current trends
5. Willing to learn and share knowledge.

Candidate Consideration:
1. One or two year work experience in the IT industry is
preferable BUT fresh graduate candidates would also be
2. IT undergraduate degree with provision of computer
programming curriculum.(eg. Computer Science)

Please forward your Application (letter) and completed CV (possibly
with any references) to: denniskarnadi@cbn.net.id

About IT at Abhitech Group:
Abhitech Group is a rapidly growing organization providing a variety
of services in the Oil and Gas Industry. The organization has
undergone information system developments, including SAP and Human
Resource Management Information Systems (HRMIS). There are also other
current and future projects planned ahead including, VoIP, cluster or
grid computing and WAN infrastructure developments. The organization
will continue to develop new Information Systems to support its
growth and strategic position in the market. Candidates will be given
opportunities to develop their skills. They will also be
encouraged to creatively generate ideas to develop the organization's
current IT systems and

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