Lowongan Kerja Migas & Pertambangan 2018


Friday, 21 September 2012

Lowongan migas oil and gas job vacancies at PERTAMINA, many positions, exp. 30 Sept 2012

PT Pertamina (PERSERO)

Experience hired needed for:

Analyst Project Control & Validating - Upstream
Analyst Project Evaluation - Upstream
Analyst Project Performance & Optimization - Upstream
Assistant Manager Geothermal Commercial Evaluation - Upstream
Analyst Geothermal Technical Evaluation - Upstream
Analyst New Energy - Upstream
Analyst DSA Ventures Commercial Evaluation - Upstream
Analyst MEA Ventures Commercial Evaluation - Upstream
Analyst Resources Management - Upstream
Analyst Business Information & Environment - Upstream
Analyst Upstream Evaluation Growth - Upstream
Assistant Manager Planning - Upstream
Assistant Manager Upstream Performance Management System - Upstream
Analyst Business Optimization Evaluation - Upstream
Assistant Operational Subsidiary - Upstream
Assistant Manager Public Relation - Upstream
Assistant External Business Relation - Upstream
Assistant Manager General Support - Upstream
Assistant Business Information - Upstream
Secretary to Vice President (VP)
Assistant Manager Strategic Planning & Evaluation - Upstream
Analyst Strategic Planning - Upstream
Analyst Business Advancements - Upstream
Analyst Business Data Management - Upstream
Visit : http://recruitment.pertamina.com to apply. Deadline 30th September 2012

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