Lowongan Kerja Migas & Pertambangan 2018


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Lowongan mining di ADARO Group

Adaro Group with PT Adaro Energy, Tbk as its holding company is one of the biggest coal producer, operates the largest single coal mine in Indonesia, and is significant supplier to the global seaborne thermal coal market. Adaro believes it is important for our people to have good characters to support our operations. Currently we’re looking for :
(Kalimantan Selatan Based)
Job Responsiblities :
To ensure and coordinate OPCC (Out of Pit Crusher and Conveyor) operational activities including all aspects of crushing and transporting overburden running well in order to achieve company’s OPCC operational target effectively and efficiently in accordance with HSE standards.
• Provide supporting data to set up annual and monthly OPCC plan and production strategy to ensure the production targets are met according to operations plan of overburden.
• To control readiness of OPPC facility, supporting facility, operator and disposal area before operation activity start-up to ensure production operations targets are met accordingly.
• To ensure maintenance of OPCC unit, supporting facility and disposal area so that all equipment and facility running properly in the order to support daily operational production.
• To control usage of OPCC unit and the other supporting facility is operated efficiently, effectively and safely in the order to ensure utilization level of production facilities is optimized.
• To monitor and control transportation activities of overburden from the crushing systems to designated stacking area to ensure activity in OPCC consistent with production plan & strategy.
• To monitor implementation of systems operating procedures (SOP), work instruction (WI) and job safety analysis (JSA) of operations to achieve operations efficiently, effectively and safely.
• To take action for deviations implementation of systems operating procedures (SOP) and work instruction (WI) in the order to ensure utilization level of production facilities is optimized.
• Evaluate daily performance operation and generate operational report to ensure the production targets are met according to operations plan of overburden.
Job Requirements :
• Minimum Bachelor Degree majoring Mining/Civil/Geology/Geotechnical/Mechanical Engineering (Master Degree is preferable)
• Minimum 10 years of experience in Mining Operation as Fixed Plant Superintendent/ Mining Superintendent
• Certifed as Pengawas Operasional Madya (POM)
• Required skills : Enivironmental Management, Operation Safety, Mining Operation, Plant Operation Management
• Willing to be located in Tanjung, Kalimantan Selatan
(Kalimantan Selatan based)
Job Responsibilities :
Managing training and development programs for graduates in Adaro Group.
1. Formulate, design and develop graduate curriculum development programs based on business unit needs in Adaro Group
2. Formulate program guidelines (policy, timeline, compensation, benefits, recruitment), in collaboration with stakeholders in implementation preparation of graduate development program
3. Coodinate the preparation and implementation of a graduate development program, working with internal and external
4. Provide guidance and improvements to the graduate development program participants
5. Monitor the progress of graduate development program participants’ competencies and performance
6. Evaluate graduate development program with committe, make an evaluation report and provide recommendation for improvements.
7. Analyze budget that related with graduate development program and provide recommendations cost reduction efforts in oder to improve company efficiency.
8. Coordinate needs fulfillment of graduate development program participants. e.g. accommodation, food, transportation, uniforms, training rooms and another support facilities
Job Requirements :
• Minimum S1 from any major (Psychology / Management are preferable)
• Minimum 3 years experience at the same position (experience in managing graduate development program required)
• Good English skill both oral and written
• Good planning & organizing skill and coaching & counselling
• Willing to be placed at Tanjung, Kalimantan Selatan
(Jakarta Based)
Job Responsibilities :
Develop policy and strategic planning, and optimizing management of engineering at Adaro Group in line with Adaro Group policy to ensure engineering activities/projects undertaken has reached the set targets in order to support operational of Adaro Group.
• Develop goals and objectives of Engineering Department both in long term and short term based on strategic direction from Board of Director to ensure all activities conducted at Engineering Department give contribution in supporting operational of Adaro Group.
• Develop engineering policy in accordance with Adaro Group vision, prevailing laws and regulations, and international best practices to ensure such policies are well socialized and executed in each engineering program so that operational activities in Adaro Group are well organized.
• Direct, monitor and lead planning work program of engineering, assign work activities, projects and programs in Engineering Department, to ensure the availability of prepared work program for each engineering project undertaken.
• Determine budget of Engineering Department to support all engineering programs which already planned so that specified strategic goals are accomplished accordingly.
• Conduct capital improvements project planning, provide supervising and recommendation to conceptual design of engineering project, investigate and resolve issues related to jobs/projects as well as costs to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency in each engineering project undertaken.
• Recommend election of design consultant, monitor coordination and management of engineering consultant to ensure each partnered consultant understand and conform to Adaro Group’s policies.
• Coordinate activity with other unit, provide suggestion and recommendation about engineering project to other unit, and monitor administration process of engineering projects, to ensure continuity of each project undertaken.
• Implement analysis process and strategic evaluation of each engineering project undertaken and prepare report for related parties in order to provide information about implementation and effectiveness of projects undertaken.
Job Requirements :
• Minimum Bachelor Degree majoring in Civil/ Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering background
• Minimum 5 years experience at the same position as Senior Manager
• Required Skill (s) : Engineering Management, Project Management, Project Planning and Controlling, Contract Management, Project Cost Estimation
• Good leadership skill, good managerial skill and communication skill
(Jakarta Based)
Job Responsibility :
Planning and controlling the activities of the Geotechnical design of structures including foundations and substructure, slope stability, retaining wall, soil improvement, soil nailing, rock mechanics and others to ensure safe system and design availability, reliability, and economically
• Set standards and procedures related data activity retrieval, analysis, and preparation of geotechnical recommendations so that all the recommendations issued to meet the standards and regulation in force.
• Plan Geotechnical investigation and identify necessary requirements to ensure the regions meets the conditions prevailing geotechnical standards and the availability of necessary data accurately
• Manage conduct analysis controlling for the acquisition of data to ensure the availability of the report and recommendations of geotechnical analysis (type of foundation, soil improvement, slope stability and other)
• Review and design the right system for all geotechnical issues that arise on the field, including foundations, slope stability, soil improvement and other geotechnical solutions so that the availabiliity of a safe, reliable, economical can be implemented.
• Regulate the placement of all equipments to ensure geotechnical monitoring data collected in accordance with the target/ desired goals
• Conduct monitoring evaluations of all activities on the field of geotechnical order to minimize variation, downtime and delay
Job Requirements :
• Minimum Bachelor Degree majoring Civil/ Geotechnical Engineer (Master Degree is preferable)
• Minimum 10 years experience as consultant & supervisor in Geotechnical area
• Experience in deep foundation, soil improvement, slobe stabilisation, rock mechanics
• Required skills : English proficiency, report writing, communication skill
• Required software skill : PLAXIS & SLIDE
(Jakarta Based)
Job Responsibilities :
Managing the process implementation of employee compensation & benefit payment in order to run properly and in timely manner
• Managing payroll, salary slip, accounts, payroll transfer reports, execution process, and control monthly salary calculation
• Managing warrant transfer to employees’ bank account, Jamsostek, Tax Payment Receipt, VAT, PPh
• Coordinating the implementation of tax payments to the bank
• Organizing generating report and payment of Jamsostek
• Ensuring archives of salary data for tax purposes are available, accurate, and complete
• Identify and analyzing the problems related with wages payment, overtime, bonuses, and other allowances and giving solution recommendation to solve the problems
Job Requirements :
• Minimum S1 from any major (Accounting, Finance, Tax are preferable)
• Minimum 5 years experience in payroll and 2 years experience as Payroll Officer
• Required Skill(s) : Payroll administration, Remuneration Management, Office Administration, Human Resources Information System
• Good numerical and analytical thinking
• Good command in English both oral and written
(Kalimantan Selatan Based)
Job Description :
To develop, control and evaluate HSE management system and program to ensure company operational activities in accordance with HSE quality management standard
• To develop HSE management system to availability of HSE standardized system.
• To develop and plan HSE program to improve employee and contractor awareness and competencies of HSE.
• To socialize and monitor HSE management system and program implementation to ensure system and program is implemeted with the rules
• To evaluate HSE management system and program to improve the effectiveness and successfull implementation of system and program.
• To conduct inspection and follow up the finding to prevent HSE violatons.
• To investigate accident and analyze the causal factor of the accident in order to reduce the level of accident in the workplace.
Job Requirements :
• Minimum Bachelor Degree majoring Engineering/ Mining
• Minimum 2 years experience in the same position (preferably from Mining Industry)
• Required competency : Environmental Management, Operational Safety, Safety & Health Management, Plant Operational Management
• Good leadership & managerial skill
• Good command in English both oral and written
• Willing to be located in Tanjung, Kalimantan Selatan
(Kalimantan Selatan Based)
Creating design and evaluate the implementation of the design to ensure the achievement of overburden at stacking area of OPCC (Out of Pit Crushing and Conveying System).
Job Requirements :
• Minimum Bachelor Degree majoring Mining Engineering with minimum GPA 2.80 out of 4.00
• Minimum 1 year experience at the same role is preferable (coal mining company background)
• Required competencies : Design Planning, Plant Operational Management, Operational Safety, Operational Technique
• Able to operate Minescape, Surpac, and AutoCad
• Good command in English both oral and written
• Good planning and organizing skill
• Good leadership, communication, and interpersonal skill
• Willing to be placed at Tanjung, Kalimantan Selatan

Candidates are required to apply through Adaro Career Website :