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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Lowongan migas di Oil Cobsultants, 9 posisi

Oil Consultants; 9 positions
Posting date: March 10, 2014 Expiry date: March 24, 2014

Oil Consultants are a specialist recruitment agency for the Oil and Gas Industry providing teams and individual skilled technical personnel to leading service companies and operators. We have recently opened an Indonesian company and expanded our local job opportunities for consultants and staff.

One of our major clients based in Indonesia is looking for the following positions.

Coil Tubing Drilling Engineer
Permanent basis for an Oilfield service company

Minimum Requirements:
• Field Engineers with experience in Drilling wells using coiled tubing technology. Normally this is done while drilling lateral wells.
• 4-6 years of experience working with Oilfield service companies in CT & Drilling
• Initiates a methodical approach in researching, interpreting and reviewing data as a prelude to the generation of a sound-drilling programme. It is envisaged that this methodology would lead to the understanding of geological and reservoir parameters which is the genesis of pore pressure prediction, well trajectory planning, drilling fluids programme, casing design, drill string design, bit selection, hydraulics, drilling rig selection and completions programme. The expected end result is quality assurance and a realistic AFE for drilling and well completion.
• Monitors the daily operations from an engineering view point and advises on solutions to problems or required modifications to previously provided programmes or procedures as dictated by actual well conditions.

Coiled Tubing Supervisors
The position is rotational and will be finalised if successful. This will be land based and will be a long term project. Previous experience of working within Indonesia advantageous, as the work location will be in Indonesia.

Typical work activities
• Operate pumps that circulate water, oil, or other fluids through wells to remove sand or other materials obstructing the free flow of oil.
• Confer with others to gather information regarding pipe or tool sizes or borehole conditions in wells.
• Observe load variations on strain gauges, mud pumps, and motor pressure indicators; and listen to engines, rotary chains, and other equipment in order to detect faulty operations or unusual well conditions.
• Thread cables through derrick pulleys, using hand tools.
• Close and seal wells no longer in use.
• Install pressure-control devices onto wellheads.
• Prepare reports of services rendered, tools used, or time required, for billing purposes.
• Examine unserviceable wells to determine actions to be taken to improve well conditions.
• Interpret instrument readings to ascertain the depth of obstruction.
• Select fishing methods or tools for removing obstacles such as liners, broken casing, screens, or drill pipe.
• Operate specialised equipment to remove obstructions by backing-off or severing pipes by chemical or explosive action.
• Insert detection instruments into wells with obstructions.
• Perforate well casings or sidewalls of boreholes with explosive charges.
• Direct drilling crews performing activities such as assembling and connecting pipe, applying weights to drill pipes, or drilling around lodged obstacles.
• Day rate is negotiable upon experience.

Drilling Fluids Engineer
Successful candidates will be required to visit rig sites as and when required. The work location is in Indonesia.

Job Role:
• Focus on ensuring superior service delivery by understanding and meeting the client’s needs.
• Create a drilling fluids, completion fluids or solids control/waste management programme, including DFG hydraulics analysis or other software and any necessary laboratory work and to review the program with the client to ensure client understanding.
• Communicate with FSQC to ensure FSR or Service Supervisors assigned to project are thoroughly briefed as to client and company expectations. Also provide all necessary paperwork and documentation to assigned FSRs.
• Communicate project expectations and requirements unique to each project to stock points and all pertinent personnel.
• Maintain daily communication and provide updated information tracking to the client, focus on client needs and respond any changes in the scope of work.
• Foster/improve client relations as warranted through discussion, graphic presentation and interpersonal skills.
• Ensure that the appropriate personnel understand the operations and are conscious of any potential risks involved.
• Ensure all necessary equipment is available and fully operational and to verify the material inventory
• Work closely with the appropriate sales representative to insure a daily understanding of operations.
• Communicate daily with FSRs and Service Supervisors to ensure superior service delivery.
• Ensure that field tickets and reports are filled out correctly and accurately and are delivered on time.
• Ensure that a post well audit is delivered to the client in a timely manner.
• Ensure the documentation of activities and disseminating this information to the appropriate personnel through technical forums, lessons learned, performance benchmarking, KPIs and solution profiles.
• Work with other PSLs as appropriate to foster improved service delivery by all PSLs and to identify future opportunities.

Job Requirement:
• Completion of an undergraduate degree preferred.
• Minimum of 5 years’ experience in rig site drilling fluids, completion fluid or surface fluid management, which includes experience in the administration of sub product line rigsite specific operations, application of critical thinking abilities to recognise and solve problems independently, developments and recommendations for Wellbore and Waste Management procedures, oversight and optimisation of the solids control equipment configuration, supervised completion of the post well audit.
• Knowledge of SAP system.
• Be familiar with and able to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.
• Knowledge of the Wellbore Construction Process.
• Knowledge of drilling rig capabilities and limitations.
• Knowledge of chemical availability and treatment guidelines for all drilling fluids to be used.
• Ability to produce a drilling fluids recommendation program addressing all issues of the Wellbore Management process.

Fishing Specialists
Looking for 4 Fishing Specialists to work in Indonesia.

Job Purpose:
To plan, supervise and execute all fishing operational activity at the well site in-line with our Client and Client Company policies, procedures and systems, Statutory Regulations and good industry practice. To select the correct toolstring configuration and BHA`s required to suit the application taking into consideration all parameters from the well bore to surface equipment and rig up. The Fishing Specialist should establish clear lines of communication with the client and the crews providing advice and support to deliver a safe solution for well recovery. He/She must record and submit in detail accurate reports in a timely manner for the duration at the well site.

Key Activities:
• Demonstrate, through assessment and internal interactions, full understanding of equipment, systems and functionality, hydraulics and down-hole calculations and make themselves aware of the job reporting process through the Training Plans and, if necessary, further interaction with Training Manager/Operations Supervisor
• Liaise with/supervise the on-site rig/wss crew, to ensure correct equipment handling during installation. Supervise own crew where applicable.
• Act as "Overall" Fishing Supervisor by managing various grades of incumbent wireline service provider employees who are working as part of the fishing crew on all operational aspects and other Fishing Specialists within a crew or team environment.
• Install and/or oversee the installation of the Clients equipment using proven and established working practices within the remit of Quality and Safety Management Systems.
• Ensure and/or oversee that all possible preparations have taken place as per the department work instructions and guidelines, equipment is fit for use and all pre-installation checks/testing have been carried out., also to ensure that all documentation and/or certification is relative to equipment.
• Maintain appropriate contact with client customer representative at the well site and ensure that relevant Operations Supervisor/Manager is continually updated on current job status. Produce in depth reports, according to the department guidelines, of all well site activities prior to and during installation.
• The Fishing Specialist will act as ’point` contact to the customer when in a crew environment.
• Attend client`s pre/post job meetings to ensure customer satisfaction of all Fishing Operations.
• Liaise with onshore Operations Supervisor/Manager regarding availability to work in either the workshop or office during time off. Due to operational requirements the requirement to work in either the workshop or office shall be mandatory.
• Attend Fishing Specialists Operations meetings to share and update on recent well-site activities and new equipment/processes/technical information. Attend pre-job and post debriefing meetings to update on customer requirements and/or parameters and communicate prepared reports to the relevant department Operations and assist in follow-up reporting/processing as required, De-briefs to be completed as soon as is practicable on return to base to minimise effect on on-going operations.

Essential Skills:
• Experience/Competence/Skills/Knowledge.
• Previous experience with slickline services as a core discipline, multi skilling exposure preferred i.e. - completions/cased hole/coil tubing and wellheads.
• Be able to demonstrate a good working knowledge of all Intervention type Operations, Well Services Operations and/or Well Completions along with a full understanding of Down-hole Hydraulics and the ability to perform calculations related to the above e.g., fluid movement.

Fracturing Supervisor
Required Skills:
• Extensive knowledge of Stimulation operations, equipment and service
• Perform pre-job calculations with respect to Designed Schedule
• Knowledge of Chemical Blending , Basic Frac Calculations
• Strong English communication skills.

Job Description:
• The Frac Supervisor will be responsible for job preparation, execution and the supervision of assigned crew, equipment and Frac /Acid/ Nitrogen operations.

• Manage all aspects of assigned operations and personnel.
• Supervise and/or operate equipment related to stimulation and operations.
• Enforce safety and operating procedures within the clients system.
• Ensure that the assigned Frac / Acid / Nitrogen equipment is maintained according to the department maintenance program.
• Enforce standards for operations, equipment and operator performance.
• Enforce all company policies within your assigned crews.
• Maintain strong relationships with customers.
• Assist with the evaluation and training of operators.
• Perform pre-job calculations with respect to Designed Schedule, Etc.
• Provide day-to-day direction of assigned personnel on location and in the yard.
• Provide training for upcoming supervisors
• Ensure on time job operations.
• Has knowledge of Chemical Blending, Basic Frac Calculations

• Extensive knowledge of stimulation operations, equipment and services.
• International experience working in various cultures.
• Strong English communication skills.
• Self-motivated with a strong ability to lead and motivate crews.
• Available on a 24-hour call basis to respond to customer needs.
• Experienced in both field and office environments is preferred.
• Has the ability to educate people in this related field.

Rig Manager
Basic Function
• To supervise and co-ordinate all operations and activities on assigned rig to ensure safe, environmentally friendly and timely completion of assigned drilling, work-over, maintenance and repair programs.
• Includes preparing work schedules, directing the work of subcontractors and service companies, personnel involved in various operations, maintenance and repair activities and monitoring rig operational costs to enhance the overall efficiency within budgetary constraints.

Specific Responsibilities:
• Implementation of the company well job plan and safety program.
• Keep accurate reports of all well activities and ensure they are completed and communicated in a timely manner to Site Manager and Engineers.
• Notify Site Manager of any required deviation from proposed job plan or activity.
• Assist the Tool pusher in the training of personnel according to safe work practices, correct operational procedures, and the care and maintenance of hoist equipment.
• Review all client well programs in conjunction with Site Manager to optimize/enhance same with regard to equipment, work over procedures, or utilization of personnel.
• Implement client well programs after they have been formally reviewed and approved.
• Plan and schedule, delivery of materials needed for the day to day operation of the hoist, including down hole and surface well equipment, spare parts, expendable materials, fuel, oil etc.
• Supervise sub-contractor operations within the company area of responsibility
• Assist the tool pusher in solving operational problems and assist maintenance personnel by supplying additional information or advice on repair/replacement of equipment in a cost effective manner.
• Ensure that all equipment certification is kept up to date and that all certification is filled in a manner that allows easy access.
• Compile and record information on hoist equipment, hoist performance, and hoist failures. This information is to be kept in an auditable state and will be used to gauge equipment shortfalls, improve equipment maintenance practices, and improve the economics of hoist operations.
• Ensure well work reports are accurate and within company standard before filing/issuing same.

HSE Responsibilities:
• The inclusion of HSE considerations when issuing day-to-day job instructions.
• Promptly reporting of unsafe conditions, unsafe activities, and accidents and near misses, which are received from subordinates and other persons.
• Taking prompt corrective action and advising management accordingly with regard to unsafe and unhealthy procedures, methods, facilities, equipment and substances.
• Encouraging personal HSE awareness among individual subordinates, the collective workforce and any personnel subcontracted to the Company,
• Ensuring that all work for which you have a supervisory responsibility, whether executed by employees or subcontractors, is carried out with full regard to the applicable HSE procedures.
• Personally confirming that all persons, or subcontractor employees, who are engaged in activities, on facilities for which you have a supervisory responsibility, are competent to safely execute the required work, and that the applicable Operating and HSE Procedures are communicated, understood and in place.
• Advising your workforce and any other persons at risk, of any potential HSE hazards arising from the work activities, which fall within your supervisory scope.
• Ensuring that personal and any subcontractors make correct use of personal protective clothing and equipment and that the equipment so used is suitably rated with consideration to the hazards involved.
• Ensuring that safety and emergency equipment, whether portable or installed, is maintained in a safe operable condition and that such equipment is correctly used.
• Checking that all facilities, tools and equipment, in use within your area of supervisory responsibility are in a safe operable condition.
• Ensuring that any tools, equipment and vehicles, brought into your area of the Company operation by subcontractors, and intended for use on behalf of the Company are in a safe operable condition.
• Holding regular HSE meetings with your workforce and, where applicable, other persons, such as contractors, subcontractors and vendors representatives.
• Conducting regular inspections and audits of the facilities under your control in order to identify and eliminate hazards to health, safety and the environment.
• Participation in the follow-up and closeout of inspection and audit findings.

Minimum requirements:
• Valid I.W.CF certification - Supervisory level.
• Minimum of 8 years’ experience
• Educated to degree level
• Supervisory Skill,
• Good knowledge of spoken and written English.

Slickline Consultant
Our clients need several positions available for Slickline Consultants, which required to for both operators and supervisors to work on/ offshore in Indonesia

The positions vary in duration and start date, depending upon your availability.

These vacancies are for a major service company; therefore recent experience in a similar position, for a minimum of 4 years is essential.

Santos training would be advantageous but not essential.

List of Duties will include but are not limited to:
• Controlling quality of slickline service delivery during all operational phases.
• Ensuring the correct people, equipment, and materials arrive at location on time and equipment is rigged up and tested to customer specifications, ready to perform the job.
• Making sure pre-job meetings are held and all relevant personnel are involved.
• Actively leading and supporting the training of cell’s less-experienced crew-members.
• Performing all assigned reporting and administrative duties accurately and according to schedule.
• Ensuring records for all assigned equipment are entered and maintained in the inventory database.
• To comply with client HSE policies and procedures.

Slick line Supervisor
Job Description
• The primary responsibility of a Slick line Supervisor is to assist with the field delivery of high-quality slick line services, which involves equipment preparation and dispatch and maintenance of equipment status.
• This position is directly responsible for flawless slick line service delivery in accordance with company policies, standards, and procedures and without HSE incidents.

• Supervises and controls quality of slick line service delivery during all operational phases.
• Ensures the correct people, equipment, and materials arrive at location on time and equipment is rigged up and tested to customer specifications, ready to perform the job.
• Makes sure pre-job meetings are held and all relevant personnel are involved.
• Actively leads and supports the training of cell’s less-experienced Field Specialists and crew-members.
• Performs all assigned reporting and administrative duties accurately and according to schedule.
• Ensures records for all assigned equipment are entered and maintained in the inventory database.

• High school diploma or equivalent certification, 4-year university or 2-year college degree preferred.
• Minimum 6 years of field experience with recognised slick line provider.
• Hands-on experience with maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment or engines.
• Working knowledge of well control preferred.

Thru Tubing Fishing Specialists
We are looking for Consultants to start in the coming months with work location in offshore Indonesia.

• Receiving instructions on routine work and detailed instructions on well site activity. Be knowledgeable in finishing operations and wellbore intervention.
• Ensures supplied equipment is compatible with all other equipment used for the job. Performing basic duties at the well site, preparing for jobs and performing tool maintenance, pre-job and post-job tool checkout.
• Rigging-up and rigging-down equipment at the well site.
• Learning to service mechanical devices and building logging cable heads, perforating cable heads and maintenance on the tools.
• Rig up and down well site equipment.
• Maintaining a high level of safety awareness at the well site including well site/DOT records and communications as required by Manager.
• Completing job-related paperwork and other records, both accurately and detailed
• Promoting and maintaining good customer relations and Participating in quality improvement efforts for all operations.
• Driving company vehicles in a safe manner while observing Company and government regulations.
• Carrying out all required responsibilities according to Company policies and procedures.
• Performing other related duties as required.
• May conduct on the job training for applications as required.
• Handles special projects as assigned.

• High school diploma or equivalent.
• Thorough mechanical / technical skills.
• Ability to work and communicate effectively in a courteous manner.
• Ability to work efficiently in teams as required.
• 5 years + experience in running thru tubing fishing tools
• Conduct all business activities in accordance with the clients’ HSE policies and Core Values.
• Valid offshore survival and medical
Please apply with valid certificates, day-rate and contract / permanent preference.

Please send your application and CV to : milawati@oc99.com