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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Lowongan kerja mining jobs at PT Petrosea Tbk; 6 positions

PT Petrosea Tbk has been designing, building and mining in all corners of Indonesia since 1972 and today is recognized as one of Indonesia’s leading engineering, construction and mining contractors. Thanks to the imagination and commitment of more than 3000 staff, Petrosea has secured a growing portfolio of projects throughout Indonesia and the region.
Petrosea has access and support to world class management and project delivery systems which allows Petrosea to deliver international excellence to the Indonesian market.
We are currently taking applicants for the following position:
(Site Based)
Monitor and control mining operation in term of support mining project manager to ensure production is achieved in accordance with BMP (Business Mining Petrosea), project parameters, project schedule, budget, in compliance with company’s project safety and environmental policy.
1. Min. Bachelor degree in mining
2. Min. 8 years previous experiences in mining operation (production).
3. Fluent in English, written and verbal
4. Familiar with mining software
5. Good communication and leadership skill
6. Willing to be placed in all company location
7. Excellent computer skill
8. Certified in POP (hold POM certificate will be a plus)
1. Lead and monitor mining operations staff on their day to day mining operation, monitor and control mining equipment usage to ensure the safest and efficient mining operations in order to achieve production targets and schedule in line with the mine plan.
2. Develop and monitor weekly, monthly and shutdown schedules for inclusion in the BMP plans by the Senior Mining Engineer.
3. Support and monitor the implementation of long term mine plans and short term detailed mine execution plans at all levels using the BMP process, provide the necessary production parameters needed by BMP on a continuous feedback basis in order to enable short term control achieving the long term mine plan.
4. Prepare timely and accurate information on project progress for inclusion in progress claims and reports prepared by the Senior Mining Engineer.
5. Maintain communication and coordination between Mining operations and Maintenance in order to maximize availability and utilization of all mining equipment.
6. Lead, coach and manage subordinate including recruitment and provide a proper development and succession plan for them, Promote and develop an open ethical work environment in order to maintain subordinate in attract, motive and retain.
7. Maintain and implementing HSE programs by minimise exposure to personnel and the environment by identifying hazards and risks from the planning phase of the work packages and during daily operational to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.
(Site Based)
Monitor, control and supervise the mining production resources to achieve the production targets and objectives of the project in accordance with the project parameters and guidelines.
1. Fluent in English, written and verbal
2. Min 4 year experience as Mining Foreman, or 3 years as Mining Supervisor
3. Good communication and leadership skill
4. Willing to be placed in all company location
5. Good computer skill
6. May be required to work flexible hours to meet Project requirements
1) Minimise exposure to personnel and the environment by identifying hazards and risks during the operation phase of the work packages and implement all safety procedures, rules and regulations and statutory regulations in accordance with the Safety Management Plan
2) Responsible to implement short term detailed mine execution plans at the position level using the BMP process and to provide the necessary production parameters needed by BMP on a continuous feedback basis to enable short term control to achieve the long term mine plan.
3) Supervise the performance of mining foremen, operators, technicians and unskilled personnel in the Mining operations in the shift by shift BMP process using short term variance.
4) Identify the development and training needs of the mining foremen, operators, technicians and unskilled personnel in the mining operations for the benefit of the Project Manager
5) Co-ordinate and supervise Mining production and other mining team meetings
6) Assist Mining Superintendent in liaise and co-ordinate with maintenance department to optimize and maximize mining equipment availability and utilization
7) Control production on an hour by hour basis and prepare timely and accurate report on project progress as required by the project.
(Site Based)
Plan, direct and control all aspects of the Project, in accordance with company policy and procedures, in order to maximise EBIT achieved, whilst ensuring the safe delivery of all Contract requirements in a timely manner, with minimum negative impacts to the environment and local communities.
1. Bachelor degree in Mining or Engineering preferred, but not essential (provided adequate experience)
2. Has least 10 years professional experience in Mining, out of which 5 years in managerial positions
3. Comprehensive knowledge of mining management principles and practices and the associated flow of design, planning and mining project management
4. An understanding of the commercial aspects of Contract Mining, in particular with respect to Variations, potentials Claims (for/against) and the ability to manage contract activities avoid costly claims and litigation, whilst maximising EBIT
5. Understanding of the fundamentals of effective asset and resource management to optimise outcomes
6. Proactively adopts the principles of Continuous Improvement and promotes to all levels of the Project
7. Ability to develop, supervise and encourage subordinates, including disciplinary action if required
8. Leads by example in a professional and safe workmanlike manner
9. Able to work effectively in an International environment with due respect for local customs and practices. Willing to learn Indonesian
10. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, with Clients, subordinates, superiors and other third parties related to the Project
11. Ability to develop and proactively implement effective monitoring and control systems
12. Understands and actively implements Target Zero concepts
13. Willing to work extended hours, if required, to meet Project targets and reporting deadlines
1) Maintain and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements
2) Plan and control the flow of work for a mining project, including estimated timeline, supplies and personnel required for completing the project to ensure that projects generate the expected business revenue according to established plan.
3) Direct, control and execute the Project by conducting a kick off meeting (new project) with the Project Team, assign duties and responsibilities as detailed in the functional matrix in order to ensure project initial are well managed.
4) Direct, review and analyze client specifications and documents to ensure the requirements defined are incorporated into the works and the responsibilities allocated under the project quality system are understood and implemented.
5) Prepare, control and implement project budgets, mining schedules, project reporting, progress assessment and project execution plan, take personal responsibility and accountability for cash flow, receivables and return on capital of the project to ensure budget are meet with operational needs and requirements.
6) Interface and coordinate subcontract activities to ensure that they will support the achievement of project aims and the support of company objectives
7) Direct, monitor and utilize company’s equipment efficiently, maintain schedule compliance on planned maintenance and reduce cost as appropriate in order to optimize asset utilization.
8) Direct, submit and negotiate claims to settlement as required to ensure that progress claims are submitted and paid in a timely manner
9) Plan, analyse and establish detailed cost forecasts, manage variations in order to close out to maximise returns in a timely manner
10) Direct, control and manage all statutory permits and approvals as required to proceed with the contract to ensure all permits and formalities are complete and valid.
11) Establish to maintain and manage all stakeholders interests to ensure harmonious and cooperative relationships in industrial relations, community relations and staff welfare in all aspects of the project
12) Ensure project efficiency is in line with the established plan in order to meet the expected EBT level.
(Site Based)
Deploy and maintain the company’s mining technology and systems to enable the Mining Business Line to achieve its plan.
1. Min Bachelor degree preferably in Mining Engineering
2. Min 4 (four) years previous experience as a Mining Engineer preferably with experience running Fleet Management system
3. Good Analytical skills and Problem Solving skills
4. Excellent in communication skill with English and Indonesian, verbal and written
5. Attention to details
6. Strong reporting and technical writing skill
7. Good understanding of Mining Business Processes
8. Willing to be based at the company’s mine sites and work in shift
9. Good customer service and team work
10. Must be proficient in Excel, Power Point, Report Preparation and Presentation skill
1. Assist in the deployment of the companies selected fleet management system
2. Train site team members in the use of the fleet management system and train supervisors in pit control operations, as required
3. Provide leadership and direction to the site engineers and management by establishing clear deliverables through goal setting and clear lines of accountability.
4. Undertake daily management of Mine Production Information and reporting systems
5. Work closely with ICT department and vendors to ensure system issues are resolved in a timely fashion
6. Develop processes and procedures to help manage the fleet management system
7. Review daily, weekly and monthly production & cost reports from the fleet management system to ensure the reports are free from errors
8. Supervise and develop Petrobase team at site
9. Coordinate with asset department to schedule calibration of payload system for dump truck or calibrate payload system that error
10. Conduct improvement on the fleet management to improve productivity, reduce cost and increase utilization.
(Jakarta & Site Based)
Leadership of Mine Planning Staff and resources to produce short and long term mine plans and schedules, complete with relevant systems and procedures that support the mining operations to achieve Project objectives within budgetary and contractual constraints.
1. Min bachelor degree in a mining related Engineering discipline
2. Min four years of experience in mining industry, including at least two years in Mine Planning
3. Demonstrates good knowledge of Mining equipment capabilities and applications
4. Experience with drill/blast and dewatering activities an advantage
5. Well-developed computer skills, including their application to Mine Engineering
6. Ability to use Mine Planning and Scheduling software including practical application to mining operations
7. Good knowledge of best practices in Mining operations
8. Good analytical and problem solving skills. Attention to detail.
9. Fluency in English, written and verbal
10. Willing to work flexible hours to meet position requirements
11. Willing to be placed in any Company location and travel to Project Sites as needed
1. Proactively develop Twenty Four Month Plans and determine mine infrastructure, fleet and personnel resource requirements.
2. Modification of Plans in line with resource allocations where applicable
3. Critically review the Client provided Annual Mine Plans (and other Mine Plans as received) for accuracy, conformance to the Contract requirements and achievability. Provide alternatives and cooperatively work with Client to produce the most mutually satisfactory Annual Mine Plan.
4. Review Client plans and requests to ensure the requirements defined are incorporated in the works and the responsibilities allocated under the Project quality system are understood and implemented.
5. Proactively identify variations to the Contract and cooperate with the Commercial Team to follow through on claiming variations.
6. Contribute to the development of the Three Monthly, Monthly and other short term detailed Mine Plans to integrate with the Mining Operations.
7. Provide the necessary paraments needed by the Mining operations on a continuous feedback basis to enable short term control to achieve the long term Mine Plan.
8. Closely monitor work practices and output to ensure that the integrity, clarity and thoroughness of the information that is produced by the project Mine Planning function is of a high standard and relevant to the requirements.
9. Maintains a strong capability in the mine planning software and ensures that mine engineering staffs are similarly up to date with their skills.
10. Contribute to the development of long term schedules for integration into shorter term mine plans for utilisation at Petrosea’s Mining operations (using PTP specified scheduling software).
11. Monitor and coordinate engineering activities to ensure efficient production of engineering plans to meet contract program requirements.
12. Conduct evaluation and analysis of mine schedules to ensure that they meet Petrosea’s goals.
13. Contribute to the budgeting process.
14. Implement continuous improvement initiatives to the Project sites and ensure they are incorporated into Petrosea Management Systems and Procedures.
15. Coaching and mentoring of Graduate Mining Engineers and other Engineering related personnel.
16. Contribute to the compilation of tenders and other cost estimation work by providing mine planning and design support as required by the Estimator.
17. Provide technical advice and services to support production activities and reporting
18. Minimise exposure to personnel and the environment by identifying hazards and risks during the planning phase of the work packages and recommending effective engineering solutions.
(Site Based)
Conducts surveys at surface and subsurface mine sites to implement mine design and obtain data used in planning mining operations including monitoring recovery, productivity and submission of progress claims align with company’s policies and rules.
1. May be required to work flexible hours to suit Project requirements
2. Min. 2 years experiences as a surveyor
3. Able to operate mining survey equipment
4. May be required to work flexible hours to suit Project requirements
5. Good communication skill
6. Willing to be placed in all project
1) Collect and develop survey data and maintain the database to ensure the accordance with the set of standard procedures and systems.

2) Conduct field surveys in good time and accurately determine quantities necessary for the submission of monthly progress claims.

3) Coordinate and liaise with both Mining Engineering and Operations to ensure that mine designs are being properly implemented in the field.
4) Collect accurate daily survey and download data into the computer to ensure data are interpreted accurately by the Survey Draftsman.
5) Use and maintain survey software in order to ensure efficiency in survey activities.
6) Coach and mentor Survey Assistant and provide them with skills in order to collect the survey pick-ups in the absence of a Surveyor.
7) Contribute to the compilation of tenders by providing Mine planning and design support needed by the Estimator.

To apply for this position, please send your application together with a detailed resume including recent color photograph, and quoting POSITION / JOB TITLE in email subject to : recruitment.jakarta@petrosea.com
in Microsoft Word or PDF format with a file size not more than 350kb,
not later than 18 August 2014.