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Wednesday, 1 October 2014


One of the largest leading oil companies in the gulf region with highly advanced technology currently handling major projects which require skilled engineers, urgently needs qualified personnel complying to the below conditions:
• Applicants must view the conditions for each position in the advertisement.
• Copy of Qualification certificate/University Diploma and Transcript documents stamped as original.
• Documents presenting the complete Resume with Recent Personal Photo, Experience certificates and Training programs attended.
• “To Whom It May Concern” certificates from previous & current employer.
• Copies of passport
• All the above documents should be submitted in English in ONE SINGLE PDF Format
• Please DO NOT Send any ZIP or RAR Format
• If applied for more than one position, application is considered as rejected.
• Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
• Resume should be sent to recruitment@binamandiri.com
• Write the Complete JOB TITLE in the EMAILs SUBJECT

Coordinates and controls activities pertaining to contracts preparation and related documentation. Review all contracts/agreements to ensure full conformity with specified company standards. Assists in preparation of contracts packages. Coordinates between LM departments, other KNPC departments/refineries and contractors. Participate in progress review meetings.

Bachelors Degree in Mechanical/Civil/Electrical/Instrumentation/Manufacturing/Industrial/ Chemical Engineering or equivalent.

Related Work Experience (type and years)
6 years experience in preparation and administration of contracts, handling disputes/claims/ variations and related documentation in refinery or petrochemical industries.

Language skills; (Specify if English/Arabic Translation)
Good knowledge of English

Sound knowledge of contract terms and conditions and commercial contract law.

The primary responsibilities for Project Costing Snr. Engr. is to provide support in developing and maintaining all process related to casting, and resources forecasting. Coordinates prioritization of PD initiatives and assist in definition of PD Project Portfolio. Regularly monitors and controls PD assigned projects. Develops project performance evaluation reports and recommends corrective actions. Ensures timely program/project delivery and smooth transition. Plans project human resources.

• Continual improvement and development on Project Cost Management processes.
• Carry-out Budget Analysis, Project Cost Audits and Resources Estimation.
• Supervise and coordinates the identification and prioritization of PD initiatives.
• Initiates and coordinates development of Project Management Charters and Plans.
• Monitors and controls projects and develops project Performance Evaluation Reports and Project Execution Dashboard.
• Identifies Critical Success Factors for delivering PD project strategy, ensures definition of performance measures and targets for each team. Specifies performance monitoring and reporting mechanism.
• Establishes and maintains links to manage the alignment between PD projects objectives and PD strategic objectives throughout the project life cycle.
• Review and enhances PD project management plans and ensures plans Into the Project Management Plans.
• Provides assistance in the development of the Project Staffing Management Plan negotiates for project team member assignments the required jobs specifications with KNPC Business Units, HR Department and vendors.
• Monitors the Project S Curve and report project cash flow performance.
• Recommends corrective and preventive activities.
• Evaluates projects change request to ascertain trends that may affect program. Recommends corrective action plan or changes to program scope, budget, schedule and risks.

Bachelor of Engineering from an accredited University

• Total minimum years of experience; 15 years.
• 5 years should be in a senior/supervisory position.
• 10 years should be in relevant job experience as a cost engineer within the oil & gas industry.
• Cost Management credentials holders are preferable.

• Project Execution
• Cost Estimation Applications
• Earned Value Analysis
• Recovery Plan
• Communications & Change Management
• Good interpersonal, communication skills and ability to work in a multicultural environments.

• Developing and implementing KPCs long term funding strategy.
• Identifying cot effective financing and capital structures.
• Building skills in the team around the specialist.
• Implementing optimal financing arrangements which provides finance expertise at negotiations and analysis on financial issues.
• Coordinates and monitors the reviewing of KPC funding arrangements across the Group and recommends strategies for long-term funding. Identifies arbitrage opportunities for KPC.
• Coordinates setting up and advises on the negotiation of all inter-company loans, external lines of credit and other financing programs (e.g. commercial paper bonds) undertaken by KPC.
• Ensures in providing the core investment assumptions and technical/financial date to be Corporate Planning Department and validates the finance and investment assumptions applied by OpCos in appraising investment opportunities, etc.

1. Bachelors degree in Finance/Accounting or equivalent.
2. 15 to 20 of experience in the field of “Raise Debt/Build Debt Capital Markets”.

Provides specialist advice on matters related to non-routine admin./planning/tech/operational issues. Performs research and studies for all business in the company. Leadership of learning and development expert teams.

• Provides specialist advice on matters related to admin./operation/operational services and planning & development studies and research or problems occurring within the Directorates.
• Defines/advices the implementation of mechanism for the identification, evaluation and use of emerging new issues/technologies.
• Provides Management eighth advisory/consultancy and solution capability to facilitate decision making for unusual problems encountered.
• Liaises and co-ordinates with all levels of employees within the Directorate concerned to study and investigate problems, and make recommendations on the proper course of action to be taken.
• Leadership of learning and development expert teams pertaining, but not limited, to the following:
• Developing and ensuring that L&D Vision, Mission, Principles, Strategy, Policies and Initiatives for a large number of business units are integrated and aligned with business needs and HR processes.
• Establish ways of working for an L&D Expert Team within and with its stakeholders.
• Developing HR/L&D staff.
• Unification of processes across a large number of business units and (HR) functions for competency frameworks and assessment systems for learning needs, learning programs/curricula, and development paths.
• Ensuring efficient delivery of effective learning programs, including blended learning and knowledge transfer mechanisms.
• Strategic performance measurement and evaluation of effectiveness of L&D programs and processes.
• High Level design and implementation of IT platforms for L&D systems including training delivery and HR.
• Training delivery cater management and process improvement.
• Establishing system of Service Level Agreements for training delivery.
• Building GR-business partnership roles and processes, including providing development and coaching for L&D staff and Line Managers to enhance L&D processes in partnership
• Carries out other related duties such as participating in various communities as required.

a. Academic
b. Education and training; Bachelors Degree in Business, Education, Organizational Development, HR, Instructional Design, or equivalent. Masters or PhD. is preferred.
c. Experience:
a) 5 years or more in the following specializations; Talent Management, Leadership Development, competency based systems, and learning program development.
b) 3 years or more in expert team leadership or similar managerial experience.


• Review ITB Documents issued by Owner / Client.
• Engineering Coordination with Consultant and aware by Engineering sequences and flow chart.
• Attending Pre-bid Meeting and Site Survey Visit.
• Preparation of Subcontractors ITB / RFQ.
• Preparation / Review of estimation cost (Direct & indirect Cost).
• Review / Preparation Project preliminary Schedule.
• Preparation / Review Technical Offer.
• Preparation of Commercial Offer.

• Min. 7+ years in Oil & Gas Project, mainly in the area of Project EPIC Bidding / Proposals.
• Applicable for Indonesian Nationality ONLY•


• Supervises and participate in the preparation and finalization of year end consolidation of accounts for KPC Group of companies in compliance with latest update IFRS, followed by the consolidation accounts booklet in conformity with the management requirements
• Meet the requirement of the external auditors during the preparation of any periodical financial reports and coordinate with any required issue by the internal auditor of KPC
• Supervises the preparation of additional analysis and information build-up to reply Parliament queries in relation to Year End Accounts as well as any amendments and adjustments thereafter, supervises the preparation of information, graphics, statistics and illustrative tables necessary for Group reporting presentations to the Parliament/Supreme Petroleum Council/KPC Board of Directors/Ministry of Finance/Ministry of Oil.
• Follows-up and participates in the formulation of Five year plan which involves preparation of financial and operational, CAPEX reflection on the financial statement, funding alternatives, financial performance analytical and any other related matter
• Follows-up and/or assists in providing job training for the department staff in any accounting issues such as (elimination entries, investment accounting, joint operations accounting, taxation, IFRS update implementation, … etc), along with conducts detailed investigation of special studies on relevant matters

• Bachelor of Commerce (accounting) preferred certified with CPA – Certified Public Accountatn and other professional financial and accounting certificates
• Minimum 10 years experience in Accounting/audit field preparation the financial statement, with enough work experience in Oil & Gas Accounting
• Fluent Arabic/English, Reading and Writing

Primary Purpose of the Job
1. Refinery maintenance department focal point to provide the approved maintenance data in SAP IDB for all new projects in coordination with QP Different dept. and upload/update the SAP System in coordination with SP Department.
2. Directing Maintenance Optimization Analysis by applying modern techniques
3. Control a team assigning the Asset / Plant Maintenance Strategy.
4. Managing a team applying the SAP/PM: Maintenance Management and Maintenance Optimization integration in order to reduce Maintenance cost
5. Enhance the Utilization of the SAP/PM: KPls, Root Cause Analysis RCA, and Asset Reliability
6. Direct a team to enhance the Maintenance Strategies Performance.
7. Liaison between SAP/PM: Plant Maintenance system, SAP/MM: Material management, Inspection Management System, Risk-Based System, EDMS System, and the Shutdown Planning & scheduling System in order to optimize the overall maintenance activities.
8. Determine the SAP system changes implementation at Refinery.
9. Manage and maintain the SAP maintenance master data according to any reorganization changes.
10. Chair and develop the electronic Workflow in line with the business workflow in coordination with SP Department
11. Determine all SAP related systems requirements, upgrades and co-ordination.
12. Directing business audits within Refinery in the objective to improve refinery business.
13. Improve the business processes
14. Liaison bench marking with other Refineries in the Area.
15. Managing all SAP third party related tools e.g. Shutdown tool, Inspection tools, Reporting tools ...etc
16. Conduct line support for any SAP business related issue within Refinery departments before approaching SP Department.
17. Contribute connecting link between Refinery and SP Department for any future integrated Modules implementation.

Main Duties and Responsibilities
1. Endorse monitoring, audit, review and validate the maintenance data acquisition and maintenance projects deliverables data (IDB) for SAP input such as:
a. Technical objects data (Functional Locations, Equipment, Measurement points and centers, Object network, document, Hierarchy)
b. Bill of Materials (Material Master, Equipment BOM, Assembly BOM, Material BOM).
c. Preventive Maintenance (Maintenance Plan, Item, Task List, Standard text & strategies).
d. Shutdown maintenance data for PRT, scheduling relationships.
2. Managing Maintenance Optimization Analysis by applying RCM and RBM techniques and analysis to assign / change the Asset / Plant Maintenance Strategy, such as:
a. Conduct Function Block Diagram Analysis and create SAP/PM: Asset Hierarchy Structure function locations, and SAP/PM: Object Networks in case of new assets or plant changes.
b. Determine Function and equipment Criticality Analysis in order to assign criticality to new assets
c. Conduct Failure Mode effectiveness Analysis FMEA in order to assign Maintenance strategy to new assets.
d. Control Risk Spares Analysis RSA in order to optimize spare parts stock level.
e. Develop plant maintenance Routines PMs based on the OEM recommendations and Maintenance optimization Analysis.
f. Direct Shutdown Activities Network Logic and add it to the shutdown Library for new assets based on the Maintenance Optimization Analysis.
g. Utilize SAP/PM: KPIs, and Asset Reliability as measures to monitor/review the selected Maintenance Strategies Performance
3. Contribute all maintenance data population and upload to SAP for all new projects and new installations such as:
a. Deliver the final approved SAP IDB to SP.
b. Review and audit the IDB data uploaded to SAP QAS.
c. Recommend changes, if required, to be done in SAP QAS data and finalize the Master data to upload to SAP-PRO.
d. Review and audit the SAP-PRO data and inform all concerned.
e. Co-ordinate and collect any pending data such as Material nos. for SPF items, as built documents for SAP OMS from the Material and Engineering department and get that uploaded to SAP through SP department.
4. Manage all maintenance optimization study results produced as part of all new projects and new installations such as :
a. Functional Block Diagrams (FBD)
b. Functional Critical Analysis (FCA)
c. Equipment Critical Analysis (ECA)
d. Risk Spares Analysis (RSA)
e. Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
5. Co-ordinate with the Lead Planning Engineer to :
a. Create, review, validate, audit, execute SAP system Master data changes and new data in SAP system.
b. Participate in SAP system changes and upgrade solutions for Maintenance Refinery facilities.
c. Co-ordinate to conduct the Peg-board analysis and implement necessary changes in the system
6. Liaison with relevant Department /Division to assign maintenance strategy for new assets installed.
7. Co-ordinate with Materials Department and Engineering Department to collect the Material nos. and populate the data in IDB and SAP.
8. Control with Department focal point to collect the as built document for SAP OMS.
9. Chair the team Participating in the development and implementation of Refinery Asset Management Plan and ISO Procedures.
10. Manage and evaluate all system issue related to software requirements, upgrades and co-ordination including the management of special site-specific and borne-grown software.
11. Manage the team that participate/contribute towards continuous improvement in the plant safety, reliability, availability and cost optimization. Be abreast with the latest developments in the field of IT, SAP- ERP systems, management and optimization.

1. B.Sc. in Engineering (Electrical/Mechanical/Instrumentation)
a. Maintenance Optimization studies including:
• FCA/ECA (Functional Criticality Analysis/Equipment Criticality Analysis)
• FMEA (Failure Mode & Effect Analysis)
• RSA (Risk Spares Analysis)
• Knowledge of computer applications performing the above studies is desirable
b. Familiarity with Engineering Standards
c. Preparation of Plant Maintenance Routine (PMR)
d. Preparation of Turn Around Routines (TAR)
e. Collection and verification of Process Equipment Data, drawings, documents.
f. Ability to lead a team of engineers
g. Experience in Planning and Scheduling of Plant shutdown activities
h. Experience in monitoring and Control of Data Acquisition and Maintenance Optimization contracts
i. Excellent interpersonal communication skills
2. Experience in SAP system environment specifically to SAP PM and MM modules
3. At least 15 years Oil & Gas experience, in maintenance management and maintenance systems, Shutdown /Turnaround systems & management, maintenance optimization, and maintenance strategies fields.
4. Applicable for ASEAN Nationalities ONLY

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