Lowongan Kerja Migas & Pertambangan 2018


Monday, 29 June 2015


We are, an exploration company of up-stream oil & gas which in partnership with PT. Pertamina EP seeking a qualified candidate to fill the job vacancy as :
(Job Code: 101/ID-260615)
1. Report to General Manager.
2. To direct all exploration activities
3. Responsible for identifying, evaluating, researching and recommending prospects for drilling opportunities.
4. Undertake geological studies of the reservoirs to optimize field development plans.
5. Conduct reservoir management activities.
6. Provide risk assessment of prospects.
7. Supervision of reserve valuation of the assets.
8. Supervision, coordination and involvement in all geological subsurface activities
9. Review of Prospects as proposed for drilling before execution.
10. Coordination of geological aspect of drilling activities.
11. Supervision and coordination of geological service activities.
12. Develop and exploit existing oil and gas assets.
13. Plan development budget and forecast production and reserves.
14. Supervise staff of geoscientists, reservoir engineers, and technicians.
15. Participate in business development activity including evaluation of acquisitions and divestitures.
16. Manage relationship with oil & gas authority, partners and vendors
17. Coordinate and supervise seismic data acquisition and processing/reprocessing
18. Provide technical assessment of drilling prospects to reduce risk for the company.
19. Staff coach and mentoring.
1. Indonesian Citizen
2. Prior experience in geological evaluation of assets.
3. Knowledge of Geology/Geophysics/Petrophysics
4. Minimum of 15 years relevant work experience.
5. Knowledge of log analysis, well planning and drilling processes
6. Knowledge of Landmark applications
7. Knowledge of Petrel software
8. Direct operational experience.
9. S1 Geology and Masters in Geology or Geophysics
10. Must have a high level of technical experience covering all fundamental areas of geosciences and petrophysics for both oil field developments.
11. Strong leadership, interpersonal skill and communication skills
12. Ability to thrive in an entrepreneurship environment.
13. Ability to make decisions in the presence of imperfect information.
14. Ability to work effectively as a team player
15. Effective project management skills.
16. Ability to quantify risk and uncertainty in large capital, complex projects.
17. Must have good commercial skills due to the high level of interaction with contractors and consultants, and the accountability for initiating and administrating contracts.
(Job Code: 102/ID-260615)
Key Accountabilities:
1. The candidate will report to Exploitation Manager.
2. He / She will be involved in the discovery, exploration and development of oil & gas.
3. He / She must interpret geophysical, geochemical and geological data to develop models of the subsurface of the earth, with the aim of discovering commercially viable and exploitable reserves of oil & gas.
4. He / She must provide the foundation for the exploration and production of oil & gas reserves.
5. He / She must also be involved in the production of reserves and may provide specialist advice for engineering projects.
Job Description:
1. Collecting information in the field, from seismic and well data and other sources;
2. Monitoring the acquisition of data to ensure consistent quality;
3. Interpreting data to determine subsurface geology and the economic importance of oil & gas resources, using sophisticated technical software;
4. Developing geological models of the earth’s subsurface to understand the geological structure, rock characteristics and the likely distribution of oil & gas reservoir zone;
5. Interpreting the results in consultation with other earth science professionals;
6. Assessing the potential quality of hydrocarbon resources;
7. Collaborating with drilling engineers to determine drilling locations on the basis of the interpretation of the data and models developed;
8. Producing and presenting geological maps and reports;
9. Performing detailed geological risk analysis of proposed exploration targets;
10. Planning and undertaking an exploration drilling program, after collecting and modelling all available data;
11. Planning the location and trajectory of development wells and putting well proposals together in conjunction with the multidisciplinary team;
12. Creating new opportunities to access remaining reserves;
13. Implementing new technologies in geological modelling and seismic processing;
14. Advising engineers and senior management on geological factors affecting exploration.
15. In exploration deal with a larger number of sites and a wide spread of data and also use satellite imagery and gravity and magnetic surveys to evaluate a whole basin.
16. In production, he / she must concentrate on sites that are already operational, making assessments on the basis of well core and well fluid samples.
17. As oil resources decline, the role of Head of G & G will change from exploration-dominated to production-dominated responsibilities.
Minimum Requirement:
1. S1 degree in Geology or Geophysics
2. Has 10 years’ experience in a variety of roles within the oil & gas sector, such as geophysicist, geologist, geochemist or sedimentologist.
3. Has a deep knowledge with East Java Basin especially On-shore North East Java Basin.
4. Has 3 years’ experience in this similar position.
If you meet the requirements above, please send your resume completed with a colored picture to email address:jkt.recruitment@fosterenergy.com.sg
The closing date is 2 (two) weeks after this job vacancy advertisement. Please stated the job code in the subject email.