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Thursday, 17 December 2015

Lowongan Migas di KSO Pertamina EP - Foster Trembes petroleum, Ltd.

KSO Pertamina EP - Foster Trembes petroleum, Ltd. seeking a qualified candidate to fill the job vacancy as:
Head of Geology & Geophysics
(Position code: 001/1215)
Key Accountabilities
• The candidate will report to Exploitation Manager.
• He/She will be involved in the discovery, exploration and development of oil & gas.
• He/She must interpret geophysical, geochemical and geological data to develop models of the subsurface of the earth, with the aim of discovering commercially viable and exploitable reserves of oil & gas.
• He/She must provide the foundation for the exploration and production of oil & gas reserves.
• He/She must also be involved in the production of reserves and may provide specialist advice for engineering projects.
Job Description
• Collecting information in the field, from seismic and well data and other sources.
• Monitoring the acquisition of data to ensure consistent quality.
• Interpreting data to determine subsurface geology and the economic importance of oil & gas resources, using sophisticated technical software.
• Developing geological models of the earth’s subsurface to understand the geological structure, rock characteristics and the likely distribution of oil & gas reservoir zone.
• Interpreting the results in consultation with other earth science professionals.
• Assessing the potential quality of hydrocarbon resources.
• Collaborating with drilling engineers to determine drilling locations on the basis of the interpretation of the data and models developed.
• Producing and presenting geological maps and reports.
• Performing detailed geological risk analysis of proposed exploration targets.
• Planning and undertaking an exploration drilling program, after collecting and modelling all available data.
• Planning the location and trajectory of development wells and putting well proposals together in conjunction with the multidisciplinary team.
• Creating new opportunities to access remaining reserves.
• Implementing new technologies in geological modelling and seismic processing.
• Advising engineers and senior management on geological factors affecting exploration.
• In exploration deal with a larger number of sites and a wide spread of data and also use satellite imagery and gravity and magnetic surveys to evaluate a whole basin.
• In production, he / she must concentrate on sites that are already operational, making assessments on the basis of well core and well fluid samples.
• As oil resources decline, the role of Head of G & G will change from exploration-dominated to production-dominated responsibilities.
Minimum Requirement
1. S1 degree in Geology or Geophysics
2. Has 10 years’ experience in a variety of roles within the oil & gas sector, such as geophysicist, geologist, geochemist or sedimentologist.
3. Has a deep knowledge with East Java Basin especially On-shore North East Java Basin.
4. Has 1 years’ experience in this similar position.
If you feel suitable with the requirements above, please send your CV with your latest full color photograph to our email :
The due date of this vacancy is 2 weeks since it posted. Please specify the Position Code in the "Subject" field when send your email.