Lowongan Kerja Migas & Pertambangan 2019


Sunday, 12 May 2019

Lowongan migas di PT. Supraco Indonesia; 10 Positions

Jakarta based company with more than 33 years of experience in providing services to oil and gas industry and Geothermal in Indonesia. We are seeking for best candidates to fill the vacant position for our projects
Information System Engineer
 • Educational Background : Preferably from Computer Science (S1/S2)
• Experience : Min. 5 – 7 years experienced in various IT projects, migration/upgrade and supports
• Basic Knowledge :
1. Skill in server administration and maintenance, analytical, problem solving in UNIX/LINUX environment related to storage and back-up/restore systems (i.e. LUN assignment, Zoning, SAN Switch)
2. Knowledge of Computer network architecture in UNIX/Linux environment
3. Knowledge of various IT concepts i.e ITSM, ITIL, IT Security, Skill in various storage and back up products i.e. Netapps Data Storage System, Brocade SAN Switch, Networker Back Up
4. Knowledge of various IT platforms i.e. virualization, clustering and high availability of IT services
5. Knowledge of Oracle SPARC Servers running UNIX hosting critical application such as SAP ECC, Oracle SOA, Oracle Database
6. Knowledge of Intel Servers running Linux hosting critical services/applications such as license server, O&G applications, Oracle Database
• Work experience woth IT Governance, IT IL, IT Management, IT Infrastructure from corporate or consultant (IBM, Metrodata, dll)
• Placement : Balikpapan Area
Remote Logistic Officer
• Educational Background : Minimum D3 Science / Engineering
• Experience : Upstream oil/gas industry (Drilling and Well Completion operation), Specifically in drilling workshop and equipment preparation, familiar with SAP system and drilling/completion material
• Languages : English
• Placement : Balikpapan Area
Well Intervention Supervisor
• Educational background: D3 / S1 Science or Engineering in Petroleum / Chemical / Mechanical
• Professional Experience : working in Upstream Oil & Gas Industry min 5 years specifically in delta / offshore well intervention operation. Already have IADC/IWCF Certification
• Basic Knowledge : Well intervention operation and safety knowledge and practices with competency in Electric line / Wireline
• Placement : Balikpapan Area
Cost Estimator
• Shall have a minimum of 2 years experience in construction job, as Engineer or at least 3 years experience as a Cost Estimator.
• CV and Copy Certificate
Project Admin
• Shall have at least 3 years experience as a Project Admin/Project Scheduler/Project Control in
similar working condition in the East Kalimantan Pipeline Network.
• He shall be a university graduate, and fluent in using Microsoft Project or similar project control software, Microsoft office or similar.
• Experience with Payroll Project
• CV and Copy Certificate
Pipeline Senior Foreman
• Sr. Tech. High School ‐ minimal 7 years or Sr. High School ‐ minimal 10 years
In similar position, with proven ability in the oil and gas pipeline maintenance.
• CV and Copy Certificate
• Sr. Tech. High School ‐ minimal 5 years or Sr. High School ‐ minimal 5 years
In similar position, with proven ability in the oil and gas pipeline maintenance.
• CV and Copy Certificate of BTCLS and HIPERKES or Commitment letter to provide certificates mentioned before within 6 months
Pipeline & Pigging Helper
• Jr. High School ‐ minimal 2 years In similar position as helper in the oil and gas industry.
• CV and Copy Certificate
Cathodic Protection Specialist
• International certified CP Specialist (NACE CP level IV or equivalent), proved by copy of certificate.
• CV and Copy Certificate
Cathodic Protection Engineer
• Level 2 CP certification Comp├ętence APCE Corrosion CV and Copy Certificate
• Note : Accepted certification schemes are AFNOR Comp├ętence, APCE, Institute of Corrosion, and NACE  International or equal (e.g. INDOCOR), subject to COMPANY approval
• CV and Copy Certificate

Please send your qualified CV and related Certificate to: recruitment@supraco.com

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