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    Lowongan migas di International Oil & Gas Exploration & production Company

    Urgently Required
    An International Oil & Gas Exploration & production Company has the following positions open for immediate engagement
    1. Production Geologist (PG)
    - University graduate in Geology
    - Min. 7 years experience as Operation & Development Geologist
    - Able to use Geological Modeling Software
    - Familiar with Fades Analysis
    - Familiar with Petroleum System Analysis
    - Good knowledge in Reservoir Rocks
    2 Geophysicist (GP)
    - University graduate in Geophysic or science related qualification
    - Min 7 yrs working as Operation Geophysicist
    - Familiar with G&G Interpretation Software package & Reservoir modeling
    - Familiar with Clastic and Carbonate reservoirs
    - Having experience in Basic Seismic Interpreter
    - Good knowledge in geological & exploration concepts, such as Structural Tectonic Element & Petroleum System.
    - Will be responsible for handling complex G&G assignments, G&G Geophysical evaluation and interpretation, identifying prospects & leads, Reservoir geological modeling, Seismic Data acquisition & Reprocessing
    - Able to work in a team
    3. Petrophysicist (PT)
    - University graduate in Geology or Petroleum Engineering
    - Min. 2 years experience as Petrophysicist
    - Good knowledges and experiences in log analysis integrated in well data, such as core, cutting, sidewall core to perform reservoir Petrophysical characteristics.
    - Able to run Petrophysical Software is preferred
    4. Legal Attorney (LA)
    - University graduate in Law
    - Min. 5 years experience in a Law Firm or company preferably with exposure to both corporate and Indonesian oil & gas matters
    - Having experience in all areas of Production Sharing Contract operations incl. oil & gas contract, tender regulations, Labor Law and Environmental Law, preferably in litigation matters
    - Having advocate license to proceed before the court.
    5. PC Network Support Specialist (PC)
    - University or academy graduate of information Technology
    - Min. 2 yrs in working experience in Information Technology, preferably in Oil &Gas
    - Having experience with LAN & WAN Network
    - Having experience with TCP/ IP Protocol
    - Having experience with Firewall! Security System
    - Familiar of PC hardware, Microsoft Office, Internet & Exchange Server, preferably who has Microsoft Certified (MCSE)
    - Having knowledge of Web, Proxy Server, Antivirus, Firewall, VMWare, SQL
    - Familiar using Policy Management, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, security on Windows 2003 and 2008 Server
    - Familiar with Windows Terminal Server and Cltrix Application
    6. Reservoir Engineer (REI)
    - University graduate in Petroleum Engineering
    - Min. 5 years working experience in Oil & Gas Industry
    - Able to operate Reservoir Engineering Software is an advantage
    7. Compensation I Industrial Relations Superintendent (CRSJ)
    - University graduate in Law or Business Administration
    - Approx. 15 years working experience in the field of industrial relations and compensation benefit, preferably in oil & gas.
    - Having experience in handling compensation benefit, policy & procedure, and familiar with salary I market survey.
    - Having experience in handling industrial relations issue and familiar with labor law.
    8. Expatriate Administration Superintendent (EASI)
    - University graduate in Business Administration or Economics or Management.
    - Approx. 15 years working experience in Formalities.
    - Having experience administer expatriate formalities documents i.e.: handling application of Work Permit, KITAS, SKTT, SKLD, SKJ, Visa, Passport, etc.
    - Familiar in handling the extension of multiple/single exit re-entry permit.
    - Has the ability to liaise with government institutions and officials (BPMIGAS, Migas, Manpower Dept., Immigration).
    All candidates must be proficient in English communication skills (both spoken & written) and have knowledge of Personal Computer popular software. Only those who meet the above qualifications will be considered. Please send your latest Curriculum Vitae and recent photo not later than I week after this publication by indicating the above code on the envelope subject header to:
    HRD Manager PO BOX 4312 JKT 12700

    Lowongan Kerja Migas 2016

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