Lowongan Kerja Migas & Pertambangan 2018


Friday, 16 November 2012

Lowongan migas di PREMIER OIL

Sr Geologist
The successful candidate will work within an integrated team to support the reservoir field teams.
The following roles and responsibilities are envisaged.
• Provide detailed depositional models within a regional sequence stratigraphical framework. Provide a range of geological models (constrained by both static and dynamic data) for uncertainty analysis and alternative outcomes.
• Integrating geological work with geophysical and reservoir engineering analysis to provide unified interpretations.
•Generation of static uncertainty ranges and understanding their impact on dynamic simulation.
•Identification and definition of incremental opportunities (eg sidetracks/new wells).
•Actively participate in the well planning process to optimise well locations using all geological and geophysical data.
• Input into life of field surveillance plans.
• Participate in the formulation of Reserves Support Packages.
• Input into the generation of appraisal plans for future developments.

• University Geoscience degree.
• 8+ years relevant experience in oil/gas industry.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to network with other parts of the organization.
• Skilful application of standard geological software suite (especially Petrel).
• A good grounding in Geoscience is required along with any of the broader Geoscience skills, including structural geology, petroleum systems, integrated sedimentology-stratigraphy reservoir architecture, uncertainty analysis and reservoir geophysics.
• Strong communications skills, including the ability to work across assets and interact effectively with a broad range of technical specialists and partners are necessary, as is the ability to work effectively within a multidisciplinary team (reservoir engineers, geophysicists, geologists and drilling engineers) to create integrated products and the ability to communicate results and interpretations to management.
• In addition to the essential qualifications, the successful candidate will likely be able to demonstrate experience of field development including: reservoir description, geological interpretation, well data integration, and reservoir management, operations, well planning & optimization.
Senior Reservoir Engineer
• Analysing available reservoir engineering data: well tests, pressure data, PVT, core etc. from discovery, appraisal and development wells, to be used as the basis for the reservoir modelling.
• Working with the development geologist to incorporate the geological model into the reservoir simulation model.
• Building and running simulation model.
• Liaising with the development geophysicist and development geologist to optimise the reservoir model, the subsurface development plan and selecting appraisal and development well locations.
• Working with DG, Operations Geologist and Drilling group on well designs, logging, casing and coring and testing programmes.
• Liaise with the development geologist while drilling the development wells and advising on any changes to the programme that may be required as a result of unexpected geological events.
• Monitoring production data during the field life and working with operations personnel to optimise field production rates and recovery.
• Presenting to JV partners and Petrovietnam and establishing good working relationships with them.
• Mentoring junior staff
• BSc in appropriate engineering or earth sciences subject
• MSc in Petroleum Engineering or similar is highly regarded
• Membership of professional and industry bodies
Skills (and experience)
• Proficient in the use of reservoir simulators, material balance and well test programs.
• Experience with Eclipse, MBal and Saphir is preferred.
• Minimum 15 years as a reservoir engineer
• Fluent English, Vietnamese skills are valued
Pemping Project Manager – Development
Responsibility :
• Deliver the Pemping project with highest practical health and safety practices in line with Corporate (ALARP) and legislative standards.
• Supervise Pemping project management / engineering and support teams
• Identify and obtain necessary resources for efficient execution of the project
• Develop, record and obtain contracting strategy approvals
• Ensure all operational, contracting and procurement practices meet corporate and BPMIGAS requirements to ensure prudent cost control and ensure full Cost Recovery.
• Develop interfaces with WNTS Operator to enable hot-tap operations to proceed safely and according to tie-in agreements.
• Mediate conflicts, manage project budgets, ensure project is delivered on schedule
• Represent Premier at meetings with BPMIGAS, JV partners, and provide monthly reporting to all stakeholders (internal and external)
• Ensure that all project documentation (basis of design, scope of work, schedules, administration procedures, handover documents, close out reports, etc.) are developed during the project with proper approvals and archived on completion.
• Development and management of expatriate and Indonesian staff members.
Qualifications :
- Graduate Degree in an appropriate Engineering discipline
- Membership of industry and professional industry bodies
Skills (and experience)
• 20 years + engineering experience within the Upstream oil and gas industry
• Offshore/onshore project management and team leadership experience. There should be a track record of having successfully delivered similar pipeline project.
• Experience within SE Asia is highly regarded.
• Project Management systems and procedures, related budgeting/planning and cost control methodologies
• Design engineering practices, QA/QC and HSE processes
• Knowledge of fabrication methods, their respective advantages and disadvantages
• Knowledge of transport/installation techniques and vessels for offshore pipeline/PLEM installation programmes
• Commissioning and start up processes
Legal Manager
Responsibilities :
• Provide an in-house review and advisory capability around legal issues for all Indonesia assets and projects
•Deliver advice to, and represent the business for all legal and related matters
•Draft, negotiate and review documents for commercial transactions, and other relevant legal documentation
• Develop effective client relationships with internal and external stakeholders, and ensure Premier is aware of current legal best practice
• Administer company legal files, monitoring all deadlines and obligations, and act as company representative on legal matters to outside institutions and stakeholders
• Strengthen Premier Indonesia’s Legal processes and systems to ensure PTK007 compliance
• Instruct approved external counsel in situations where external assistance is required
• Take ownership of all core legal documentation (controlled hard-copy and Livelink), updating these as required
• Take ownership of Indonesia proforma contracts (controlled hard-copy and Livelink), updating as required (minimum every two years) to meet business needs while remaining compliant with all associated laws and regulations
• Ensure proper staffing resource levels are maintained to meet business needs, and that training, mentoring and development plans are in place for Legal department staff
• Advise the Indonesia Country Manager and Asia Business Unit Legal where non-compliance occurs or is likely to occur, or if in-house resource constraints are apparent / likely
• Report regularly to Asia Business Unit Legal Manager on general activities, increasing frequency where issues arises with a high degree of political sensitivity, very high $ value, or are of key strategic importance
• Ensure HSES principles embedded in all contracts & legal documents as appropriate
• Provide support to the Asia Business Unit Legal Manager for projects as required
Qualifications :
• Post Graduate degree in Law
• Membership of industry and professional bodies
Skills/Knowledge/Attributes :
Skills (and experience)
• 10-15 years work history with a mix of practice and industry exposure, upstream oil and gas company experience highly values
• At least 3 years within a senior legal role
• MS Office, and familiarity with legal document management systems
• Upstream Oil and gas knowledge from a legal perspective is highly regarded
• High degree of competency in reviewing, drafting and negotiating legal documents
• Fluent in English (written and spoken), with strong communication and presentation skills
Drilling Logistic Coordinator
• To provide Material and Logistics input to AFE/Well Cost Estimate formulations.
• Identification of potential logistical problems and their solution.
• Co-ordinate load out plans (pre-loading/offloading list) and supervise (if required) load out of vessels from Batam/Matak/Jakarta as deemed necessary.
• Ensure the Formalities and Procurement departments are kept updated on all requirements and that any bottlenecks are identified early and resolved with minimum operational delays.
• Arrange On-hire / Off-hire surveys for all support vessels.
• Liaise with Project Operations Accountant to ensure correct costing/usage of materials, e.g. update of rental equipment. Update Operations Accountant as to status/whereabouts of material and equipment via materials paperwork as defined in the Drilling Materials Control Procedures.
• Ensure all operational import/export documents are maintained and are up to date.
• Maintain records (both computers based and hand written) of all material movements, stock and rental items.
• Assist the Drilling Superintendent in planing backload and scheduling of vessel to ensure minimum unnecessary expenditure on rental equipment.
• Prepare all appropriate administrative documentation.
• Preparation of consolidated load out lists in discussion with the relevant department and dissemination of these to all relevant parties.
• Provide comprehensive information in a timely fashion regarding boat and personnel movements through the use of manifest, schedules, email and other written communications.
• Timely mobilization of all materials and equipment in co-operation wit Service Companies.
• Submission of end of well materials and logistics reconciliation report.
•Monitoring of sub-contractor performance – particularly in relation to HSE performance and the control of equipment, materials and personnel.
• Preparation of audit schedules for logistics services to monitor application of sub-contractor’s safety management systems.
• Work together with Drilling and Logistics Group and other related Departments.
• Performs non-routine task and attends such meetings as directed from time to time by the Logistic Superintendent and/or Drilling Superintendent or as opportunity presents in order to meet Company objectives. Ensure that he and all other relevant managers and staff are kept informed of all major opportunities, developments, problems or potential problems which will impact upon the business.
• Ensure that all activities conducted personally comply with all Company, Pertamina, MIGAS and Government requirements and regulations.
Qualification :
• Minimum Academy degree but Bachelor degree in Engineering/Management is preferred.
• Fluent in English both writing and speaking
• Strong computer literate.
• Good knowledge of oil and gas operation and equipment is required.
• Ability to manage and use own initiative.
• Knowledge of materials handling preservation and warehousing practice
• Knowledge of Indonesia government regulation
• Minimum 7 – 11 years working experience in Logistic activities within the oil and gas industry
• Have minimum 3 years experience in Base Supervision.
Facilities Engineer
Recruitment for this position:
1. Nasional
2. 10 – 15 Year oil and gas facility engineering experience
3. Both engineering contractor and operating company experience is desirable
4. Degree qualified in an engineering discipline
5. Onshore and offshore field development planning
6. Conceptual engineering skill for significant oil and gas project
7. FEED Engineering and FEED Engineering contractor Management
8. CAPEX/ OPEX estimating for significant scale oil and gas project(strong commercial awareness)
9. Strong inter discipline understanding ( reservoir management, drilling, production, engineering)
10.HSE awareness across all disciplines
11. Demonstrable skill in obtaining joint venture partner project sanction and government approvals
12. Strategic contract planning for oil and gas project
Legal Counsel
Responsibility :
• Provide legal services to Premier’s business in SE Asia related to company arrangements and commercial law matters.
• Provide legal advice and representation, with respect to general company, labor, litigation, or regulatory matters involving the activities of the company or its affiliates
• Draft, negotiate and review documents for general commercial transactions and for the confidential exchange of information
• Develop effective client relationships and market legal and business expertise
• Administer company legal files, monitor for deadlines and obligations, issue reports.
• Acting as a company representative on legal matters to outside institutions such as Pertamina, BP MIGAS, Migas, Manpower Department.
• Providing legal advice / drafting / negotiation services to the other technical and functional teams at the direction of Legal Manager SE Asia to Premier Indonesia and for any corporate and new ventures activity in SE Asia
• Managing on-going requirements for legal advice or supervision delegated by the Legal Manager SE Asia and providing legal services where deemed appropriate
• Taking direct instructions from customers of the legal department on routine legal matters, acting upon them and routinely briefing the Legal Manager SE Asia on their progress
• Developing the departmental document control systems and monitoring their good managemRepresenting the legal department on the Indonesia Petroleum Association – Regulatory Affairs Committee and other internal and external meeting and bodies on an as-required basis
• Performs non-routine tasks, and attends such meetings as directed from time to time by the Legal Manager SE Asia or as opportunity presents in order to meet Company objectives.

Ensures that all business activities conducted comply with all legal, BP MIGAS and Company requirementsent
Qualification :
• University degree in Law
• Ability to draft legal documents
• Have a good communication and presentation skills
• Fluent in English both written and spoken
•Good computer literacy
•10-15 years work history with a mix of practice and industry exposure, upstream oil and gas company experience highly values
• MS Office, and familiarity with legal document management systems
Electrical Engineer
Responsibilities :
• Provide technical advice to onshore/offshore personnel as and when required. Follow up the day to day activities of the offshore teams; remain available to provide them the assistance and support as needed; paying regular visits to the offshore site and participating in jobs as required; may be involved in operation works including major shutdowns. May be incorporated into maintenance working shifts as the case may be, as required during major operators.
• Laise with BP Migas when required for budged discussions, engineering upgrades and certification. Perform non routine tasks and attend sunch meetings as directed by the Ins/Control/ elec Intergrity Team Leader or as opportunity presents, in order to meet company objective. Ensure that his superior and other relevant people are kept informed of all major opportunities, development or problem, which will impact on the business. To be familiar with the PONSL Operation Management System ( OMS ) and to comply with the requirements of the manuals ( Man) and Standard Operating Procedures ( SOP ) contained therein.
• Carry out design for electrical modification and minor projects on the offshore facilities. Set performance standards within verification system.
• Prepare and control budged, provide onshore support for the planning and execution of the maintenance strategies.
• Complete offshore visits on a regular basic to maintain onshore/ offshore relationship.
• Monitor the performance, failures and serviceability of all electrical equipment with appropriate report on the activities
• Review and prepare maintenance routines for offshore electrical equipment
• Complete routine maintenance audits
• Giving advice on material proposals, contracts content, working instrumention, cost estimation and material requisition for maintenance work that specifically relate to the electrical area.
• Ensure appropriate contract management to satisfy platform business/ compliance objective
• Ensure change control is adhered to, prior to accepting modification as being complete.
• Ensure that all activities conducted personally comply with all company, BP Migas, MIGAS and Government requirements and regulations.
Qualification :
1. Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering majoring in power electricat
2. Have at least 5 years experience working in the oil and gas industry with 2 years in a maintenance position.
3. Have the ability to carry out logical fault analysis and identification onelectrical generation and control systems
4. Have the ability to carry out engineering investigations/ studies and reporting
5. Have an understanding system fault level calculation and protection setting studies
6. Be capable of carrying out cable sizing calculations.
7. Have good knowledge of electrical proctection for power distribution, generators, transformers and motors.
8.Have good knowledge of hazardous areas, equipment certification and installation standards within these area.
9. Have knowledge of UPS’S, DC Battery chargers and batteries
10.Have knowledge variable speed drives.
11. Have knowledge of plc systems, programming and operation.
12.Familier with international codes and standards such as but not limited to, IEC, NEMA, NEC, API.
For informations & apply for other opening please visit: www.jobstreet.com/id/premieroil.htm CV or Resume in English not more than 100kb, closing date 27 November 2012