Lowongan Kerja Migas & Pertambangan 2018


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Lowongan migas di PT. SUPRACO INDONESIA

PT. SUPRACO INDONESIA Jakarta based company with more than 33 years of experience in providing services to oil and gas industry and Geothermal in Indonesia. We are seeking for best candidates to fill the vacant position for our projects
1. Regulatory & Permit Site Interface (CP-A261)
• Onsite representative for all environmental, regulatory and permitting issues
• Coordinate ongoing efforts to identify and obtain various permits for scope of work in a timely manner to comply with national, provincial and local (Indonesian) rules and regulations
• Interface with the E&R functional group to support project activities and implement best practices and lessons learned
• Work and participate with project team and functional group on preparation of project support documents, such as Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Waste Management Plan (WMP), Spill Prevention and Response Plans (SPRP), protection of surface water and other related studies for the project
• Support in selecting third party consulting services with respect to Oil Spill Response Plan (OSRP) preparation and development in coordination with Functional group and Productions
• Interface with project engineering and construction resources on project design and implementation details required to satisfy project permit and environmental requirements
• Develop Environmental Standard – e.g. stream crossing, erosion control, etc
• Coordinate development and submittal of EMCAPS deliverable for regulatory compliance plan (RCP) and environmental management plan (EMP) for project facilities
• Supervise, monitor and review the plan of the implementation environmental protection measure according to RKL and RPL (environmental monitoring and management plan) during construction which is performed by third party environmental consultants
• Interface and coordinate activities with E&R functional group, as appropriate, on preparation of permitting plans and government agencies/inspector interface
• Review the RKL/RPL report for socioeconomic issue developed by EPC Contractor prior submitting to functional group in Development
• Review and endorse EPC contractor environmental and regulatory documents and deliverables, as prescribed in project Coordination Procedure
• Prepare project internal environmental and regulatory stewardship reports, as well as external reports required to satisfy Government or external financial institution conditions/requests
• Assist project team, as appropriate, on the field inspection, special tasks and studies related to overall SH&E and permitting requirements.
• Support the E&R functional group on Regframe implementation and implement regular environmental compliance assessments as part of the OIMS requirements for the project.
• Ensure the implementation of the Upstream EMDC Environmental Standard is adhered to appropriately and align with Corporate Environmental guidance
• Implement and assist training in environmental standard and technologies to EPC Contractor
• Broad technical and SH&E skills with basic understanding of project management and SH&E functional work processes
• 5+ years broad-based experience preferred, in environmental compliance and impact mitigation related to oil and gas industry, processing and transportation, with prior experience in one or more SH&E-related disciplines
• process, and in particular SH&E and OIMS deliverable requirements
• Knowledge of EMDC strategies and key business drivers
• Good interpersonal and communication skills
• Knowledge of EMCAPS
• Adaptable to changing priorities
Placement : Jakarta Base
2. Electrical & Instrument Engineer (CP-A262)
1) Minimum S1 Electrical/Instrument/Physic Engineering with 5 years experience
2) Applied knowledge and skill of high voltage power transmission & distribution design, selection, and construction/installation including its protection device
3) Capable to design, selection, installation instrumentation and protection system for Process equipment, plant or system
4)Advance knowledge in understanding single line diagram
5) Advance understanding of PFD and P&ID
6) Applied knowledge of PLC, MMI, and DCS
7) Advance knowledge of instrument device and system (flow, pressure, level, temperature, current, voltage sensors, control valve etc)
8) Capable in operating MS Office, MS Project
9) Fluent in English, written & spoken
Placement : West Java
3. E&I Construction Tech Foreman – Field Facilities (CP-A263)
• monitor construction and fabrication of E&I activities conducted at Contractors / Sub-Contractors facilities and in the field
• Participate in receiving inspection of E&I items at site and monitor the preservation program for the same until hand over
• Promote safety awareness and safe performance among project team members, including consultants and contractor personnel
• Support Construction Site Manager in monitoring and appraising the contractor’s performance for safety, quality, cost, and schedule; ensure that appropriate corrective actions are taken when needed
• Verify physical progress
• Monitor mechanical acceptance and start-up activities between operating unit and contractor
• Assist PMT in meeting OIMS expectations as required, especially OIMS Element 2 (Risk Assessment), OIMS Element 3 (Facility Design & Construction), OIMS Element 9 (Incident Investigation) and OIMS Element 10 (Community Awareness)
• Review or assist in reviewing E&I QC documents such as QA plans and pre-commissioning procedures
• Jointly develop E&I inspection check lists or review the check lists generated by the Contractor for compliance to project requirements
• Ensure quality processes are followed for instrument calibration at contractor facilities and / or in the field for permanent project materials and temporary test instruments / equipments used in E&I construction works
• Co-ordinate with Contractor and Quality on cable tray routing and installation inspection
• Monitor construction of electrical and instrumentation facilities and ensure they are completed as per approved engineering documentation and project specifications.
• Witness installation of E&I control panels (both local and inside the control rooms)
• Monitor and witness continuity and meggering inspection works for cables
• Monitor cable laying works in trenches, through ducts and on cable trays
• Monitor loop checks and review records for the same in accordance with technical requirements
• Monitor construction and installation and testing of instrument tubing works
• Review Contractor’s field inspection and test reports and ensure that inspections are carried out as per approved ITP requirements
• Assist and co-ordinate with other disciplines on electrical motors installation and alignments
• Interface, participate or co-ordinate in E&I pre-commissioning activities as required
• Preparation of punch lists
• Verify Contractor / Subcontractor Quality management systems, plans, procedures, and processes are in place. Implement project Construction Surveillance Program.
• Minimum ten (10) year’s experience in inspection of E&I works on major onshore construction projects out of which at least 3 years experience senior E&I construction position
• Experienced in witnessing SAT (Site Acceptance Tests) and FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests) of Electrical & Instrument control systems
• Exposure to DCS instrumentation works and commissioning of the same
• Thorough knowledge on International standards on E&I like IEC etc.
• Knowledge on applicable Indonesian MIGAS regulations for E&I works is preferred
• Well versed in safe work practices
• Computer literate with experience in using MS Office suite for preparing reports and maintaining data base
Placement : Cepu Site
• Verify required coating inspection methods are performed on pipeline, including DFT, holiday testing, etc.
• Monitor mixing and application of coating by contractor.
• Maintain daily log of activities.
• Oversee application of field joint coating.
• Extensive training and experience in coatings & coatings inspection, application methods & testing.
• Previous training as a NACE coatings inspector is helpful.
• Knowledge of surface preparation methods & other requirements for obtaining desired performance from coatings.
• Seven (7) years experience in coatings & coatings inspection.
• Overseas pipeline experience is helpful.
• Competent in PC skills relative to Microsoft Word, Excel, and e-mail system
Placement : Cepu Site
5. Environment, Regulatory & Socioeconomic Interface (CP-A265)
1. Coordinate ongoing effort to obtain various permits for EPC’s scope of work in a timely fashion in order to remain in compliance with National, Province, and Local regulations.
2. Interface with the functional groups as necessary to access timely support for project activities, identify/implement best practices and lessons learned
3. Work with PMT and Functional groups to support development of documents such as oil spill response plan and waste management plan.
4. Interface with project engineering and construction to ensure environmental and regulatory compliance.
5. Coordinate development and submittal of EMCAPS regulatory compliance and environmental management plans for project facilities
6. Work with consultants, as necessary, to prepare and submit requisite environmental, regulatory and socioeconomic impact assessments.
7. Interface and coordinate activities with functional groups, as appropriate, to develop and implement appropriate plans for interfacing with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) and Government agencies.
8. Review and advise PMT about EPC contractor’s environmental, regulatory and socioeconomic documents and deliverables, as prescribed in project Coordination Procedure.
9. Prepare project internal environmental, regulatory and socioeconomic stewardship reports, as well as external reports required to satisfy Government or external financial institution conditions/requests.
10. Assist project team, as appropriate, on special tasks and studies related to overall Environmental and Regulatory permitting requirements, and community affairs at shore tie-in and offshore work sites.
11. Develop amicable relationships to facilitate open communication and transparency in processes and procedures with various Government offices (BPMIGAS, Sea Com, etc) that are responsible for issuing recommendations and approvals for regulatory and environmental permits.
12. Work closely with ITS to exploit full benefits of the work scope for which ITS has been contracted.
• Broad project management, technical and SH&E skills with good understanding of working in a project setting and an ability to interact amicably with various external stakeholders
• 5+ years broad-based experience preferred, with prior experience in one or more related disciplines (i.e. Environmental, Regulatory and Socioeconomic)
• Experience interfacing with NGO and other similar organisation
• Knowledge of EMCAPS process, and in particular SH&E deliverable requirements
• Knowledge of EMDC strategies and key business drivers
• Good interpersonal and communication skills in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Ability to speak Jawanese is an additionally desirable attribute.
• Adaptable to changing priorities as focus of activity is expected to vary between the three disciplines.
• Willingness to undertake business travel and/or field based short term assignments
• Ability to interact proactively in the Project’s interest, with EPC contractor, local Government offices and local community in East Jawa province.
Placement : Jakarta Base
6. Lab Inspector Soil Mechanics- Geotechnical (CP-A266)
• Site supervision of fieldworks relating to soil mechanic and geotechnical as the result of earth works contracts ensuring compliance with specification and common practice.
• Inspect the stock pile and sampling material whether from borrow site or working area.
• Evaluating the result of lab test of sampling material and to be recommended countermeasures for low strength soils in conctact with structural foundations:
- Proctor or CBR test
- Permiability test,
- Atterberg test,
- Grain size distribution analysis
- etc
• Verify proper dam foundation slope stabilization and structures, including soil blending-mix of native and borrow materials.
• Supervision of earthworks placement and field testing.
• Verification dam contruction procedures are followed
• Working Knowledge of:
o Soil Mechanics field tesing methods, including determining Vane Shear Strengths in cohesive soils using ASTM D 2573 method and Cone Penetration Test per ASTM D3441.
o Testing of swelling and dispersive soils (E.g. Emerson class number, double hydrometer or Pinhold).
• Degree in Strata 1 for Civil/Geotechnical/Geological Engineering 7 years, or Strata 2 Master of Science degree 5 years of relevant experience (earth and embankment work preferred).
• Well versed in safe work practices.
• Computer literate with experience in using MS Office suite for preparing reports and maintaining data base
• Good oral and written English language skills
Placement : Cepu Site
7. SHE&S Safety Site (CP-A267)
• Promote safety awareness and safe performance among project team members, including consultants and contractor personnel
• Conduct regular safety inspections / assessments on-site and at key off-site subcontractor locations in accordance with established project and site safety plans or as requested by site team members
• Identify and work to eliminate hazards, unsafe conditions, and unsafe acts; work with company, contractor, and subcontractor management toward achieving an injury-free work place
• Keep site management apprised of significant safety issues, safety alerts and plans / progress towards resolving issues and eliminating hazards
• Advise site team of safety initiatives, issues, challenges, and incident investigations / follow-up
• Communicate safety initiatives, achievements, experiences, and issues from other sites and projects with site team members and contractor / subcontractor safety advisors / management
• Participate in investigation and follow-up of incidents / accidents; prepare notifications / reports for communication of significant incidents to company project / functional management per project incident reporting procedures and matrix
• Coach and advise contractor / subcontractor safety professionals / management in incident investigation documentation, reporting, and follow-up, including root cause analysis and case management
• Monitor work processes to ensure compliance with the site work permit system and area / system responsibilities
• Prepare / provide a safety induction briefing to new team members and visitors to site
• Collect and share safety lessons learned with other sites and project and functional management
• College level education or equivalent
• 10+ years in Construction Safety-related positions, around 6 years in Onshore
• Good computer skills including Lotus Notes, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint
Placement : Cepu Site
8. Construction Technical Foreman (CP-A268)
• Reports to Construction Lead and will assist him in executing his responsibilities and act in his behalf during his absence.
• Champion on-site safety awareness and safe performance with contractor and among Project Team members
• Supports site team for all mechanical construction activities and is the project field contact with the contractor’s construction site organization.
• Monitor contractor’s construction activities and provide advice as necessary to ensure they meet job specifications within budget and schedule and that they comply with operating unit safety rules and procedures.
• Provide surveillance and report status of construction work in the specific discipline for conformance with engineering drawings, design specifications, safe work practices, and applicable codes
• Review and assist contractor’s construction planning, procurement, and scheduling activities as needed
• Coordinate daily work direction with discipline inspectors as needed
• Ensure inspection records are in compliance with mechanical completion, system completion, and turnover procedures
• Assist contractor in implementation of permit to work system
• Review the following relating to acquiring equipment: ROS dates, expediting plans, transportation plans to and within site; receipt inspection procedures (POs, Specifications, Drawings [Nozzle positions, bolting patterns]), proper off-loading equipment, warehousing, preservation and storage.
• Ensure that equipment is set in place properly: timing vs. placement options (lifting, skidding/sliding) [Sequence of Work], equipment needs for setting
• Ensure equipment is properly fixed in place (anchor): foundations and embeds, leveling (bolts & shims), bolting, welding or grouting
• Ensure attachments are properly installed: connect piping , instrumentation and electrical, sequence of work, structural supports
• Ensure equipment is properly aligned: specialty personnel as needed (millwright, vendor reps), timing of alignments – (example- without connections then with connections)
• Assessment of equipment installation: quality checks, punch list, pre-start up safety checks
• Ensure constructability of piping: correct materials, proper joining methods, no clashes
• Monitor procurement activities: understand and track ROS dates, ensure proper transportation and expediting to site, review receipt inspection and certification reports, ensure proper off-loading equipment, ensure proper storage and staging of piping, ensure proper tracking and issuing spools, monitor the Positive Material Identification program.
• Monitor and influence construction activities: ensure personnel and procedures are qualified, evaluate methods for setting pipe (above ground, buried, plant, pipeline), track spools, review sequence of work (piping vs. other disciplines; small bore vs. large bore), ensure proper structural supports, minimize rework
• Support quality checks: integrity testing, punch list, pre-start up safety checks
• Support Completions: drive transition from area basis to system basis, review construction completion checklists
Support facility start up activities as needed
• High School education.
• Good written and verbal communication skills with the ability to communicate at all levels from management to field labor.
• Good technical and supervisory skills.
• Minimum of ten (10) years broad experience in all project phases, i.e. engineering, procurement and construction, would have at least five (5) years specific involvement in major process facilities.
Placement : Cepu Site
• Conduct intensive engagement efforts with local stakeholders in village and sub district.
• Supporting Deputy Manager offshore Community Engagement, technically resolve issues related to external stakeholders; disputer, protest, socialization, etc.
• Implement CSR programs based on social impact of Company operations (Social Management Plan), Sustainable Development position and Company Core Values, to achieve sustainable community support to Company Operations.
• Generate support and respect from the Community at large.
• Engage proactively with stakeholders to anticipate dynamic and environmental change.
• Be responsible of promoting the company image as a good citizenship company toward its external publics by conveying the company social responsibility to the surroundings in order to obtain a harmonious environment
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
• Has the ability and knowledge to identify and provide analysis on local community needs.
• Strong commitment to company core values, business ethics and business goals.
• Excellent health and able to travel within all company offshore working area.
• Excellent communication and inter personnel skills to effectively interface with field production operation personnel, multidiscipline department and other supporting department.
• 5 + years broad experience in doing stakeholder relation especially local community.
• Has commitment to company core values, business ethics and business goals.
• A very good team player.
Placement : Jakarta Base
10. E&I Inspector, Field Facilities (CP-A270)
• Oversee E&I related construction activities (conduit installation, cabling, terminations, testing, undrground Cable Installation etc…) performed by the Contractor or sub-contractors in assigned coverage area.
• Read and understand project design drawings and documents in order to obtain specific knowledge of project work scope.
• Ensure that all E&I related activities are performed safely and in compliance with project specifications, company standards, and regulatory requirements.
• Ensure that all required E&I related inspections are performed properly.
• Maintain daily log of activities.
• Facilitate communication of civil related project execution issues the Project Team.
• Communicate with the Contractor and sub-contractors to ensure that the work is executed in accordance with project specifications, company standards, and regulatory requirements.
• Identify and assess deviations to Contract Technical Specifications and regulatory requirements; ensure that such deviations will be processed according to project procedures; maintain Deviation Control Log.
• Assist in stewarding E&I queries from the Contractor and sub-contractors as well as technical information requests.
• Keep Project Team informed of E&I progress, deviations, and execution concerns.
• Provide input on contractor performance such as worker capabilities, training, qualifications, and staffing levels.
• Assist the Project Team in obtaining E&I related contract documents, including those referred to in the job specification.
• Broad and extensive knowledge of:
- Industry design standards, specifications, codes, and appropriate safety criteria
- Onshore Construction for Building and Underground Installation
• Bachelor of Science Degree in an engineering
• 10+ years of closely related professional experience, 5+ years inspecting E&I onshore construction works
• Strong organizational, management, and technical judgment skills
• Ability to adapt to tight deadlines, heavy workloads, and frequent changes in priorities
• Proficient in Microsoft Office suite of software programs, Lotus Notes, etc.
• Read, write, and speak fluent English, especially as it applies to technical and business communications
Placement : Cepu Site
Please send your application to recruitment@supraco.com with detailed resume and recent photograph and put job title name and code on subject email.