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Monday, 30 September 2013

Lowongan mining di PT Petrosea Tbk, 10 positions

PT Petrosea Tbk has been designing, building and mining in all corners of Indonesia since 1972 and today is recognized as one of Indonesia’s leading engineering, construction and mining contractors. Thanks to the imagination and commitment of more than 3000 staff, Petrosea has secured a growing portfolio of projects throughout Indonesia and the region.

Petrosea has access and support to world class management and project delivery systems which allows Petrosea to deliver international excellence to the Indonesian market.

We are currently taking applicants for the following position:
(Assignment: Jakarta)

Assist Business Development Manager - Mining to lead the team who develop and growth future Petrosea mining business and expand Petrosea future business, as well as secure back log to maintain growth
1. Min Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering
2. Having minimal 8 (eight) years exposure with Mining Industry
3. Min 3 (three) years experiences in similar fields
4. Knowledge of Legal & administration aspects related Mining government regulations and tender process.
5. Good communication and networking capability

1) Identifying business opportunities and evaluating opportunities in mining areas such as mergers and acquisitions, alliances, and business deals.
2) Monitor and control market research or analysis projects; evaluate finding, prepare reports, and make recommendations to senior management about the viability of alternative opportunities
3) Establish long term professional relationships with potential clients, customers, and partners (for example in government or industry associations) to promote the organizations products and services.
4) Conduct meetings and negotiations with potential clients and business partners to pursue business opportunities and protect the organization’s business interest
5) Refer sales leads and customer feedback to appropriate contacts within the organization and liaise with other functional and operational area members to ensure that these referrals are followed- up promptly
6) Lead, direct, evaluate and develop a team of business development analyst professionals to ensure the projects are conducted credibly and that recommendations and reports are accurate and timely
7) Lead, direct, evaluate and review work done by mining estimator to get most accurate and competitive price to be submitted to potential client but still giving Company a proper margin as stated in Company policy

ENGINEERING MANAGER (Constructions Project)
(Assignment: Jakarta)

Plan, direct and control the Engineering function to produce a cost effective engineered solution (including the development of appropriate Specifications) for the Project within the budgeted man hours and within the tendered timeframe by utilizing capable and appropriate resources efficiently to ensure that Procurement/Construction activities commence on time.
• Work extended hours to meet Engineering deadlines
• Required to travel to site
• Ensure all designs produced are cost effective and within the budget constraints of the Project
• Develop a close relationship with the Procurement Manager
• Comprehensive knowledge of engineering and procurement management principles and practices. Must possess an in depth knowledge of the Engineering and Design process as well as extensive experience in construction methods
• Min. Bachelor degree preferably in Engineering
• Maximize Project margins by ensuring appropriate Technical Specifications and Codes are adopted to suit the requirements of the contract
• Min. 15 years previous experiences in Engineering with 5 yrs as a Manager
• Demonstrated effective verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills

1. Be fully conversant with the contents of the Project Safety Management Plans (including Environment) and the Company policies on safety. Ensure that Safety topics are discussed with all Vendors/Subcontractors/Consultants prior to the commencement of any engineering/design activities and be vigilant in enforcing the agreed standards.
2. Develop an Engineering/Design Management Plan for the Project that includes the strategy to deliver the work in accordance with the schedule parameters set by the Project Manager. This plan must be maintained and remain relevant to the function during the course of the Project.
3. Develop a detailed Engineering schedule to meet the requirements of the Project. Be fully accountable for this schedule and react to any negative movements to ensure the schedule is met.
4. Resource the Engineering department to ensure that the schedule can be delivered by all disciplines. Develop a back-up strategy to be able to react to the situation where the scope grows or delays begin. Understand the availability of resources or consultants to be able to react promptly to all situations.
5. Ensure that all members of the Engineering Team fully understand the requirement of the Project and are familiar with the Design Management Plan and are conversant with the commercial constraints of the Project Budget.
6. Interface with the Procurement function to ensure that all Technical Bid Evaluations are completed on time so that the procurement process is not delayed as a result of Engineering in decisiveness. Meet on a regular basis (more than once per week) with the Procurement Manager and plan the resource allocations to ensure schedules are met..
7. Establish and maintain effective work relationships with all members of the Project team and offer support to all persons that request support. Pass knowledge onto your team and others in the Project so that the capability of the developed team grows throughout the life of the Project.
8. Establish a comprehensive database of all Standards, Codes, and Specifications and ensure that all members of the Engineering Team are familiar with their location and the appropriate use of the information. Keep all reference material updated and current.
9. Prepare weekly and monthly reports on the progress of the engineering phase of the Project. Identify areas of concern and the strategy to mitigate the known issues.
10. Establish and maintain a detailed risk register for the engineering function and liaise with the Project Controls and Project Managers to discuss the identified risks on a regular basis.
11. Establish a rigid Document Control system to ensure that all members of the Engineering team follow the approved procedures. Provide training in the use of the system and ensure that all Vendors/Fabricators submit their documents direct to the leader of the Doc Con function.
12. Ensure that inter-disciplinary reviews are conducted for all aspects of the Project. Monitor the IDR process to ensure that the turn-around time for documents is known and the duration is being minimized.
13. Establish an efficient Technical Query system to control all TQ’s between all partners in the Project. Ensure that all subcontract Vendors/Fabricators adopt the system and it is fully utilized. Manage the TQ system and report weekly the status of all TQ’s. Continually strive to reduce the TQ response time.
14. Performs administrative supervisory tasks including evaluating employee performance, source necessary skills and resources based on manpower forecasts to provide managerial supports in administrative matters.
15. Establish a Management of Change procedure and educate the Project Team (all departments) about it’s appropriate use. Ensure the system is adopted with the use of all subcontractors to ensure that all changes are effectively managed.
16. Provide a support service to the Construction phase by assigning persons to the site team and ensuring that the response time to fieldd TQ’s is minimized.
17. Maintain and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements

HSE COORDINATOR (Construction Project)
(Assignment: Kalimantan)

Provide support to the B/L or Project business operation with leading the process of implementing HSE program from implement, execute, monitor and evaluate, the activities and provide corrective action required to achieve good HSE business process compliance with definitive performance target.
1. Bachelor of Engineering or Diploma of Keselamatan Kesehatan Kerja – S1/D4 or Hygiene Perusahaan Kesehatan.
2. Min. 4 years of experience in HSE exposure.
3. Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Mining industry experience.
4. Good knowledge of Accident prevention, Fire prevention, Risk Assessment, PTO, HSE procedure, HAZOB, Inspection, Emergency response, investigation accident, audit process.
5. Good Leadership and communication/presentation skill.
6. Fair in English both verbal and writing.
7. Willing to work at remote area.

1) Taking lead in execute the HSE key factors in project site.
2) Maintain HSE performance of Target Zero injuries, and Zero harm to community and environment.
3) Monitor the business process, and it has been done with proper flow & procedure and comply to all HSE management system.
4) Support the team to achieve individual goals in line with Petrosea Business plan
5) Provide advisory to HSE personnel.
6) Active and effectively to organise of all HSE officer to perform job with highly achievement performance.

HSE OFFICER (Construction Project)
(Assignment: Jakarta & Sites)

Maintain, monitor and review company’s daily operations and facilities to ensure employee safety are comply with safety, health and environmental regulations for specified facilities, operations and project.
1. Willing to travel to all company’s sites
2. Willing to work extended hours to meet the objectives.
3. Min. Senior/Technical High School or Diploma Degree in public occupational health & Safety/environment engineer or Engineering Graduate/Bachelor.
4. Minimal 3 years have experienced in HSE Field implementation at high risk industry (For Diploma III in HSE or technical).
5. Will be prefered if understand of lifting equipment, marine activity and or material handling activity.
6. Hold AK3 certified from government
7. Communicative and inovative.
8. Able to conduct presentation.

1) Prepare and present safety training and safety induction to enhance safety awareness among employees and clients.
2) Conduct inspections on statutory, fire and rescue equipment to ensure completeness and readiness for use.
3) Inspects project facilities, equipments, observe operations and activities in progress to ensure those are in compliance company’s safety regulations.
4) Coordinates and consults with project safety superintendent and/or project managers regarding HSE issues in their respective areas and notifies management staff regarding violation of safety regulations and codes to ensure that all safety defiance are proceed.
5) Support and assist safety audits, inspections and accident/incident investigations by observing employee activities and workplace conditions for submitting recommendations to management to correct deficiencies, eliminate hazards, and improve the overall program.
6) Socialize and record all Job Hazard Analysis, HAZOB, and co-ordinate Emergency Response Team training and activities for the Project.
7) Assist the Project Superintendent & Supervisors in conducting and reporting of all Hazards.
Control and monitor the use of Hazardous or dangerous goods to ensure conformance with the MSDS (Material Safety Data System).
8) Monitor, review and participate in Pre-start meetings and Tool Box Meeting to update with current safety information.
9) Support Environmental performance and maintain third party accreditation (ie. ISO 14001) and work effectively with certification body in order to preserve international standard accreditation.
10) Performing a strong visible commitment in to HSE Management System as well as all programs.
11) Implement and maintain HSE Management Plan, Emergency Response Plan, and other HSE document for the project.
12) Prepare and implement of Site Safety Activities.


Maintain, arrange, monitor and administer employee and industrial relation in order to provide an immediate support to all employees in conforming with all company’s regulations, policies, and procedures.
• Min. Bachelor degree from any major, preferably Law
• Min. 3 years of experience in HR field, especially in Industrial Relations
• Familiar with Government Employment Regulation
• Willing to work extended office hours as and when required, and travel out of the office
• Possess strong analytical thinking and ability to communicate with all levels of staff
• Ability to maintain confidentiality of some HR information/documents
• Good attention to detail

1. Assist coordinator in develop, analyze, draft, gather and organize data for IR/ER guidelines/policies purposes such like SK, policy regulations in order to provide assistance in preparing guidelines/policies in line with company’s target and goals.
2. Perform secretarial duties (typing, correspondence, filing) including provide ID card for employees, travel arrangement for IR/ER & GA team, prepare IR/ER monthly report, maintain IR/ER & GA petty cash, arrange meeting/gathering and update membership association ( HR Mining Meeting, Apindo).
3. Gather and compile data for preparation of the man power report (Wajib Lapor Ketenagakerjaan); register Wajib Lapor to Depnaker; distribute the approved Wajib Lapor to internal company who need it; maintain relationship between Depnaker and or other associates if needed to ensure that Wajib Lapor is registered to Depnaker on time.
4. Assist coordinator in negotiation of labor dispute local issue in project and also conduct exit interview in order to represent company.
5. Prepare, register and administer counseling/warning letter for employees in order to ensure any warning letter/counseling process given are conforming to company’s procedure.
6. Socialize and accommodate all information that needs to be share to all employees, local community and local authority in order to maintain good communication.
7. Provide advice to all employee issue and administer them if any.
8. Conduct research and analysis on employee relations issues so that other managers, legal counsel, mediators and external consultants are well prepared to carry out bargain, negotiation and dispute resolution procedures.
9. Keep up to date with the employee relation climate in the organization and the industry also with the proposed and actual changes in employee relations regulations, so that the organization’s employee relation policies remain current and relevant.
10. Responsible for all process from preparing, carrying out, collecting and analyzing data from Employee Opinion Survey.
11. Demonstrating willingness to learn new skill and continuously look for improvement in work processes and result.
12. Implement HSE policies and programs in all activities of work area.

OPERATIONS MANAGER (Constructions Project)
(Assignment: Jakarta)
To provide directions and manage the interface between the Project Managers and all support functions in the Jakarta Office for the day to day running of the live projects that are being undertaken by the E&C section.
1. Bachelor degree in Mining or Engineering from reputable local university/overseas
2. Minimum 10 years professional experience in related field, out of which 5 years in senior managerial position.
3. Managerial skill, maturity with strong in leadership capability
4. Engineering & construction operation professional
5. Commercially astute

1) To ensure HSE performance is the top priorities for all operations activities.
2) Support Project Managers in all functions that are undertaken to ensure that all Petrosea requirements (e.g. Project Management Plan, HSE Plan, Quality Plan, and Standard Operating Procedures) are complied with.
3) Assists Project Managers by reviewing Monthly Project Reports and ensures that actions are taken to correct negative trends.
4) Interface with the Client on project team and Petrosea performance matters to assure all issues are being solved and any corrective actions are taken properly.
5) Communicate and interface with senior management regarding operation performance to ensure that all senior management is well informed with any project progress.
6) Provide leadership and direction to operations staff.
7) To understand the contract Terms & Conditions and ensure that the company is not exposed to undue risks.
8) To prepare and monitor detailed cost forecasts for operations to ensure budget compliance.
9) Providing operation input into estimating to ensure future project manager will put their commitment when the project is sold.

PROCUREMENT ENGINEER (Constructions Project)
(Assignment: Jakarta)

Prepare, implement and deliver Supply Chain Management process within the company in order to provide efficient and effective Supply Chain Management that meet Company’s goals in accordance to procedures, business ethics and government regulations.
1. 5 years experiences in procurement area
2. Min. Bachelor degree in Engineering
3. Good knowledge of quality the materials according to international standard specification
4. Good communication & negotiation skill
5. Time manageable and target oriented
6. Good behaviour, open, honest and proactive person
7. Able to maintain teamwork
8. Working in details
9. Able to maintain and uphold work and business ethics

1) Ensure cost allocation for trend cost analyses Source and gather quotes from vendors / suppliers in order to obtain best price as per required quality and schedule in accordance with company’s policies and procedures.
2) Expedite the order process, prepare the procurement status report and process Material Requisition in order to provide excellence procurement service for the requester.
3) Attending product / materials exhibition to gain more information about the technical aspect, alternative product and current market price.
4) Conduct vendor assessment, review supplier performance and maintain record properly in order to manage supplier track record.
5) Provide procurement data needed to be compiled for weekly procurement report preparation.
6) Prepare Final Procurement Report for project closing in order to provide support for Senior Procurement Engineer.

SENIOR COST CONTROL (Constructions Project)
(Assignment: Jakarta)
Monitoring of the projects financial performance, both revenue and costs, against the Projects budget and/or forecast to support the achievement of the Projects financial objectives; prepare both periodic project reports and financial statement; identify and analyze revenue driver and costs driver to determine the impact on project revenue and project costs.
1. Willingness to be placed at Project Site
2. Min. Bachelor degree in Engineering or Accounting
3. Min. 5 years experiences dealing with cost control/project control in coal mining industry
4. Analytical thinking and good supervisory skills
5. Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia written and verbal
6. Familiar with coal mining operation
7. Attention to details

1. Identify and analyse anomalies, variances or non-compliances in the actual operating costs (i.e., materials, plant, labour, sub-contractors, etc.) and take the necessary corrective actions or inform management of proposed action to ensure compliance as soon as they become known
2. Provide recommendations on operating cost reports based on comparative analysis of budget/forecast to actuals (i.e., unit costs, capital cost, overhead costs, etc.) and provide recommendations to ensure the project objectives are achieved
3. Monitor financial performance against budget and forecast to support the achievement of the operation and objectives within the allocated budget
4. Coordinate with other relevant sections (i.e., mine planning/scheduling and survey) departments as well corporate (i.e., finance and accounting groups), to integrate budget and forecast activities and results
5. Implement and maintain budgeting and costing processes and procedures to achieve department objectives and targets
6. Review and provide recommendations about budgeting and forecasting processes and procedures for continuous improvement.
7. Prepare and analyze the monthly project report (including quantities, man-hours, KPI’s and quality of work) to evaluate the project performance.
8. Prepare Monthly Progress Claims and to ensure the subsequent invoice is submitted and payment received within the payment terms of the Contract
9. Prepare and analyze Monthly Site P&L before submit to management
10. Prepare Client Monthly Report and ensure it submit to Client in timely manner
11. Assist the Project Manager in accurately forecasting cost and resources to ensure Project margins are met
12. Check that cost codes on requisitions are correctly allocated while checking that the remaining budget for the cost code is sufficient to cover the proposed purchase, ascertaining PO has been cover proposed costs are considered to be committed and refer to the budget
13. Review and confirm that Subcontractor invoices are as per Contract terms & conditions for the further payment process
14. Clarify regarding the payment status with the client and subcontractor.

SENIOR PROJECT ENGINEER (Constructions Project)
(Assignment: Jakarta)
Control and monitor the technical execution of a Project (or section of a Project) including the liaison and control between Engineering/Procurement/Construction to ensure that all materials and services that are purchased, fabricated, and constructed are delivered on time and in strict accordance with the approved project specifications and accepted industry codes, as well as providing specific solutions to constructability or interface (clash) issues during the construction phase.
1. Min. Bachelor degree in Engineering.
2. Min. 5 years previous experiences as Project Engineer.
3. Proven track record of performing a Senior Project Engineers role in projects in the Mineral Sector that also encompasses a multi-cultural workforce with the use of International Subcontractors.
4. Willing to work extended hours to meet with Project deadlines.
5. Required to work onsite in extreme remote areas with limited facilities.
6. Comprehensive knowledge of engineering, procurement and construction management principles and practices. Must possess an in depth knowledge of the Engineering and Design process as well as extensive experience in construction methods.
7. Requires multitasking capabilities (project engineering, scheduling, budgeting, etc.)
8. Ability to supervise and evaluate the work of subordinates.
9. Maximise Project margins by ensuring appropriate Technical Specifications and Codes are adopted and followed by all Vendors and Fabricators to ensure the design life integrity is achieved.
10. Minimise re-work by being involved in constructability reviews.
11. Provide assistance to startup and commissioning team.

1. Be fully conversant with the contents of the Project Safety Management Plans and the Company policies on safety. Ensure that Safety topics are discussed with all Vendors/Subcontractors/Fabricators prior to award and be vigilant in enforcing the agreed standards. Conduct inspections on statutory, fire and rescue equipment to ensure completeness and readiness for use.
2. Be fully conversant with all Project Management Plans and all Company procedures. Enforce the use of the procedures and immediately identify any non compliances with the Project Manager.
3. Ensure all technical specifications and industry codes are strictly enforced by all Vendors and subcontractors.
4. Manage and efficiently close out all Technical Queries that are raised by all partners including Vendors, Subcontractors, and Construction personnel. Maintain a TQ status report to track all TQ’s.
5. Promote a Teamwork environment to get all members of the Team providing input to each situation. Take ownership of solutions and promote a positive reward culture.
6. Develop a Team to handle all Project Engineering activities. Prepare Position Descriptions for the team members and lead them to ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner and with efficiency.
7. Manage the interface between Procurement and Engineering to ensure that Technical Bid Evaluations are prepared on a timely basis. Liaise with Vendors (via consultation with the Procurement Manager) as necessary to ensure that all technical aspects are dealt with prior to the award of work to Vendors and subcontractors. Attend the Kick-off meeting for all major orders.
8. Monitor the Project schedule and the schedule of Vendors/Fabricators and advise the Project Manager when issues are evident or likely to be reported incorrectly.
9. Liaise closely with the Construction Manager and be involved with all constructability reviews during Project start-up.
10. Liaise with the Quality Manager to ensure all Vendors are adhering to the approved Project specifications and codes. Raise issues as they arise and assist with the close-out of NCR’s.
11. Be commercially aware. Review the scope of work documents for all subcontracts and procured items to ensure that variations will be minimized. Liaise with the Project Services Manager for all issues surrounding the assessment of Variations by the project partners.


Engineer, monitor, control and supervise all water management works, produce accurate and complex engineering and cost calculations of dewatering and documents to ensure all output are accurate, consistent and in timely manner conform with international Engineering and Safety Standards and codes.
1. Min. Bachelor degree in Engineering
2. Min. 7 years experiences in Mining Engineering, specialist in Water Management (Dewatering) or Fluids Mechanics Engineering (pumping of other Fluids).
3. Work extended hours to meet Engineering deadlines
4. Familiar with Civil Engineering Software

1. Minimise exposure to personnel and the environment by identifying hazards and risks during the operation phase of the work packages and implement all safety procedures, rules and regulations and statutory regulations in accordance with the Safety Management Plan.
2. Monitor and review all water management work and document to ensure all work adheres to international Engineering standards and codes as well as company’s management system.
3. Operate and control water management software packages and evaluate output to suggesting changes and improvement where needed.
4. Responsible for pump & pipe analysis to make recommendations to match the different Mine Site applications.
5. Responsible for the complete design of each Petrosea Mine site Water site Management Plan.
6. Responsible to work with our PTP Site engineering teams and clients for approval of Water Management Plans including the timely issuing of permits, compensation for sedimentation dams.
7. Provide technical support and technical guidance to associate engineer and personnel in order to conduct transfer of knowledge.

To apply for this position, please send your application together with a detailed resume including recent color photograph, and quoting in email subject to recruitment.jakarta@petrosea.com in Microsoft Word or PDF format with a file size not more than 350kb, not later than 28 October 2013.