Lowongan Kerja Migas & Pertambangan 2018


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Lowongan migas di Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

One of the largest leading oil companies in the gulf region with highly advanced technology currently handling major projects which require skilled engineers, urgently needs qualified personnel complying to the below conditions:

• Applicants must view the conditions for each position in the advertisement.
• Copy of Qualification certificate/University Diploma and Transcript documents stamped as original.
• Documents presenting the complete Resume with Recent Personal Photo, Experience certificates and Training programs attended.
• “To Whom It May Concern” certificates from previous & current employer.
• Copies of passport
• All the above documents should be submitted in English in ONE SINGLE PDF Format
• Please DO NOT Send any ZIP or RAR Format
• If applied for more than one position, application is considered as rejected.
• Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
• Resume should be sent to recruitment@binamandiri.com before Saturday, 1st March 2014
• Write the Complete JOB TITLE in the EMAIL’s SUBJECT


The special skills and experience required in Refiniring/Oil and Gas/Petrochemical industry in similar Capacity

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering
2. Senior Engineer Position minimum 10 years experience
3. Engineer Position minimum 8 years experience
4. Fluent in English

Acts as the company’s Chief Job Evaluation resource for the assessment, planning, delivery and evaluation of all Jobs in Head Office & Wafra Joint Operations, and monitors the job content & evaluation of all Jobs in Khafji Joint Operations. Administers the application of the Company’s Job Evaluation scheme, by undertaking job analysis, preparing job descriptions, and acting as Secretary to the Job Evaluation Committee.

Reviews Company organization structures and recommends appropriate reporting relationships and allocation of responsibilities.

Coordinates the operation of the Technical & Professional Career Ladder, identifies Job Family Competency requirements, administers the nomination, Evaluation & Review processes, and monitors the application of development programs and utilization of the TPL community.

Administers the application of Nature of Work Allowance to all eligible Jobs & employees.

1. Carries out studies to identify optimum structure and allocation of responsibilities. Includes:- identifying the nature and frequency of tasks; preparing reports, recommending and justifying proposed organization; and undertaking discussions with relevant management to amend and/or obtain agreement to implement recommendations.
2. Undertakes studies of the Job Evaluation system & procedures, and identifies changes to improve their efficiency. Includes:- reviewing alternative methods and approaches; identifying areas of inefficiency or inaccuracy within existing systems; identifying the effect of potential change on existing or future evaluations; preparing reports recommending and justifying proposed changes; and liaising with SAC HR management to avoid duplication of activity at Wafra JO.
3. Reviews requests for Job Evaluation, or Re-evaluation. Includes:- reviewing justification for request, identifying Evaluation history & scorelines; identifying potential effects of re-allocation of responsibilities on the other Jobs in the organization; and notifying line management of validity of request.
4. Ensures up-to-date job descriptions are prepared and available for all jobs. Includes:- identifying jobs requiring evaluation; confirming the organization structure; arranging or undertaking job analysis and the preparation of job descriptions; and agreeing job descriptions with line management.
5. Undertakes the arrangements for Evaluation Committee meetings. Includes:- undertaking trial evaluations; convening the Job Evaluation Committee; ensuring that all relevant documents are available; ensuring the preparation of Minutes & Record Sheets; obtaining relevant approvals to implement Evaluation Committee decisions; and preparing notification documentation.
6. Acts as Secretary to, and is a non-voting member of, the Job Evaluation Committee. Includes:- advising the Committee on the nature of the job and its responsibilities; advising on evaluation and historical background; advising on other previous evaluations and interpretation of the evaluation manual; discussing proposed factor levels on the basis of cross-comparison and logical argument; recording the basis of decisions; and preparing notification documentation.
7. Undertakes preliminary evaluations for recruitment or re-organisations. Includes:- confirming organisation structure; identifying relationships with existing jobs; and resolving with line management any discrepancies or repercussions on existing jobs and grades.
8. Provides information & advice on Job Evaluation results and the Job Evaluation system to line & HR management. Includes:- identifying Evaluation record for specific Jobs; identifying nature & cause of previous Evaluation decisions; recommending appropriate action to achieve management objectives; explaining procedures to be followed; and explaining nature & process of Job Evaluation to supervisors & managers.
9. Undertakes special studies relating to Job Evaluation. Includes:- investigating grievances, identifying potential Job Evaluation action, and preparing formal response; advising on potential effects of organisation changes; and advising line & HR management on correct Job Evaluation procedures.
10. Maintains a central records system and database of job descriptions, evaluation results, and supporting documentation. Includes:- developing manual and computer records; updating, maintaining & publishing Job Evaluation records; undertaking database analyses; and preparing reports on individual, comparative and/or consolidated evaluation data
11. Identifies Jobs to be considered for Early Retirement and/or payment of Nature of Work Allowance. Includes:- reviewing the nature of work & evaluation scorelines for Jobs working in Wafra & Khafji; recommending Jobs to be considered for Early Retirement, and preparing documentation for P.I.S.S.; recommending Jobs to be considered for Nature of Work Allowance, and appropriate rate, and preparing documentation for KPC; and notifying line management of approvals received.
12. Identifies Competency requirements for TPL Job Families. Includes:- facilitating Workshops to determine Core competency requirements, current position, major priorities, prioritized competencies, and final Competency profile requirement for each Job Family; preparing all progress & final documentation; facilitating Workshops to review continued applicability of previously generated Competencies; and obtaining formal approvals of Competency Profiles from Family Champion & DMD.
13. Administers the nomination, Evaluation & Review processes for TPL Job Families. Includes:- arranging publicity for the TPL program; preparing & delivering presentations; receiving nominations & arranging Evaluation interviews; providing advice on procedural requirements; confirming validity of nominations; identifying Review panel members; arranging, and providing a secretariat service to, Review meetings; preparing results sheets for Chairman’s approval; notifying nominees and Training & Development Division of TPL status, and individual identified competency strengths and weaknesses, notifying Compensation Division of nominees TPL status; and arranging recognition ceremony for TPL Specialists & Advisors.
14. Monitors the application of development programmes and utilisation of the TPL community. Includes:- liaising with Training & Development Division to monitor development, implementation & progress of Development programmes to enable TPL nominees to be able to reach higher TPL status levels; liaising with members of the TPL community to monitor utilisation of Competencies by 3rd parties; and encouraging a community philosophy.
15. Acts as company nominee on KPC Committees to review aspects of, or related to, Job Evaluation, Technical & Professional Career Ladder, Nature of Work Allowance payments, or associated activities. Includes:- ensuring that KGOC requirements are fully understood & considered in Committee deliberations; preparing & submitting reports & recommendations on items being reviewed; and liaising with HR management to provide, and obtain, feedback on Committee deliberations.
16. Reviews proposals for transfers & promotions, and recruitment. Includes:- ensuring Job Titles, approval requirements, compliance with manpower plans, salary grades, etc. are checked; and confirming whether proposal complies with company policy.
17. Undertakes related duties. Includes:- preparing pro-forma & ad-hoc Reports of activities or aspects requiring special investigation for management; and liaising with Training & Development Section to relate training programmes to Job requirements.
18. Undertakes other duties of a similar nature as required.

Bachelor’s Degree in appropriate analytical discipline, preferably Business Administration or Industrial Engineering.

Additional Training:
Job Evaluation & Job Analysis.

Related Work Experience:
At least 12 years related experience

Language skills:
Fluency in written & spoken English.

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